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Marquis de Sade`s: Justine

A woman named Justine is used and abused by all manner of perverts, freaks and sexual deviants.

Lemon Popsicle

Bentzi, Momo, and Yuda’leh are three teenage boys growing up in 1950’s Israel, which is not much different from 1950’s America if you believe what you see in the film. Of course they are obsessed with one thing – sex. Bentzi is interested in the beautiful Nili, but she prefers his friend Momo. Meanwhile, while Bentzi is working delivering ice to people he comes across a voluptous nympho. For some reason he leaves his job and gets his friends, who are promptly invited inside and divested of their virginity in an explicit softcore sex scene. Momo goes first, then the obese Yuda’leh. Before Bentzi can have his turn the nypho’s sailor boyfriend suddenly returns from the sea and chases the boys away, Yuda’leh being forced to run away naked. The boys next visit a prostitute and are serviced by her in turn. With all this experience under his belt Momo seduces Nili and impregnates her. He disowns her when she makes this known to him, leaving it to …

Freiheit fur die Liebe

It is a sex education film of sorts dedicated to all forms of human sexuality.

Diamond Head

A young unattractive woman is searching high and low all over Hawaii for her sister. Her sister is a young girl scout who was kidnapped by three thieves as they try to flee a robbery of the Esquire porn theater.

Casting Couch

Ron Jeremy made his directorial debut with this fast paced and fun little sexvid. Ron stars as a lascivious loser who just can’t seem to ever make it with the ladies. In desperation, he hits on the idea of pretending to be a movie producer. He then puts out feelers to local agents, telling them to send over their prettiest young actresses to ‘try out’ for roles in his imaginary film project. One by one, a series of sultry seductresses sashay into his fake office, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to win him over. Suddenly, Ron’s having to fight the women off as they bend over backwards to please. ‘Casting Couch’ is Ron Jeremy at his best — filled with wacky one-liners and comedic episodes, while also maintaining a tremendously sexy vibe. He’s perfect for the role, delivering his puns and bon-mots with aplomb and treating the women to some passionate probing. He’s also come up with a killer cast, full of some of the 80s’ hottest women. Legendary performers like Joanna Storm, Sue Nero and Sharon Kane do their bawdy best to make sure that there’s never a dull moment on this particular casting couch. Fast-paced fun from one of the all-time masters of adult film making!


“Misty” is another rare erotic 1975 film from Sarno. A well-chosen cast of mostly adult film stars, including Rebecca (“The Image”) Brooke, Eric Edwards, Jennifer Welles, Jamie Gillis, Chris Jordan, Fred (“Last House on the Left”) Lincoln, and Sara Nicholson (who may have been on some ’70’s t.v. programs under another name), proves they can act as well as take off their clothes. While Jennifer Welles gets star billing, her role is actually supporting and she appears in only about one-third of the 106 minute running time. The real star is Rebecca Brooke, who made “Little Girl, Big Tease” and two to three other Sarno films in and around 1975. The titular character, Misty is a young woman who ends up in a seaside town during a rainstorm, claiming to be searching for her mother, and she is often scared, sad, humorous, wise, and lascivious without being trashy or unwelcome, and Brooke manages to convey all of these emotions, mostly with her facial expressions, and her stunning looks are downplayed for the most part here. She truly shows an interest in the role she plays, and her performance in a scene on a beach between her and Edwards — full of Sarno dialogue but no nudity or sex — is worthy of the highest critical praise. The film is overlong and contains almost no background music, but this film will appeal mostly to Sarno fans anyway, as it is a virtual remake of Sarno’s 1970 “The Young Erotic Fanny Hill” only this production is more polished. The version under review is softcore, and the film appears to have been shot softcore.

Blue Angel Cafe

Raymond Derek is a up and coming hotshot young politician who seems to have it all. A great career, a wife, friends and a expensive home. But that all changes when he encounters sexy cabaret singer Angie. The two begin a steamy affair until the press find out and it becomes front page news. As his life falls to pieces, Raymond and Angie try to build a life together, but some things just weren’t meant to last.

Here Kitty

Not surprisingly, Here Kitty! is a film about a pussy. It's a Seventies-style spin on the old story: girl loses cat, girl screws everyone in sight, girl finds cat. Lots of sex and a happy ending. What more could you ask for -- especially when the girl with the pussy problem is blessed with a cover-girl face and a centerfold body! Yow! Aficionados of proto-porn will recognize cute little PENNY KING (of Grad Night andTower of Love) sacrificing all to her art in the art-studio orgy scene. Thin and tiny-titted, Miss King had the 1Cheroin chic 1D look ten years before it became all the rage. And just as God intended, Natural Bush is gloriously on display throughout, which is, of course, another reason to rejoice over this long-lost adult treasure...

Eve’s Beach Fantasy

When straight A student Eve is asked to housesit a tropical mansion, her naughty fantasies become reality for the first time. As the sun beats down, Eve bares all for her voyeuristic neighbors, frisky friends and one seductive photographer. Sun, surf and sexy babes! See Eve let loose and fulfill all her inner desires.

Oma Pervers 13

A new round with an absolute fold Queen Sofia Schneyder whose labia has mutated over the decades to shame cloth. Her leached tits hanging limply at her leathery body down, but it is after all these years still insatiable and horny as if they'd just celebrated their puberty. With incredible fervor she stretches every hard cock against her wet cans and squeals with joy among the impacts of the stallions that could be her sons. Well, age does not protect against lust...


Marcelo is a tiresome, powerful and selfish millionaire. He lives in an existentialistic crisis, since he is a successful businessman but afraid of age and death. He can have the woman he wants, but in his intimacy, he desires the unique impossible woman, his daughter. In the present, he has the companion of two whores – Lila and Renata – but he is not satisfied. They three will spend Christmas and New Year Eve in an island where Marcelo has a mansion. In a party, he meets another whore – Diana and invites her to go to the island with them. All of these delicious women are paid for satisfying him. While in the island, his daughter Berenice visits him with her friend Beatriz. Along the holiday period, Marcelo has an incestuous relation with Berenice

Code Name: Raw-Hide

Frank and Barny are agents of the PBI – Pornographic Bureau of Investigation, sent by Chief Rank, Head of Vice, L.A. District, to go down on the dirty crime spots of Hollywood. Mousie’s Hot Shoppe is an adult bookstore where the owner is as much titillated as his customers by the material on sale. The agents are surprised to uncover that Mousie knows Chief Rank all too well, but it comes handy as he is willing to be an informer. So, the agents “discover” the Travelling House of Pleasure, a door-to-door delivery service of of Eastern Delights, the Good Time girls. The agents move next against the Nature Film business where a shady film director operates. Barny dresses as a woman for a casting session, and his act is too convincing for the lusty Director. Frank and Barny enter the dark Porny Theater easy, for the ten dollar admission fee; there is each man for himself, in a see of pleasure sources. Finally, it comes down to a battle of the sexes, when Barny fights off the advances of …

Swinging Couples 5

The hottest series in adult doesn't disappoint. These horny couples want to have it all. They're beautiful and bi-curious and love eating each other's pussies. They also love blowing guys to get them rock-hard, then they get their pussies pounded!

La frigida y la viciosa

A marriage in crisis will be altered his routine with the appearance of a beautiful woman who definitely will upset their existence, by introducing the couple in all sorts of games and sex. But in reality she is the husband’s lover. Both plan to submit to the wife and make her his slave

11 Days, 11 Nights: Fantasy Becomes Reality

Within eleven days Michael was due to marry Helen his fiance, but a chance meeting with a total stranger (gorgeous Jessica Moore) threatens to destroy all his plans. Whilst traveling to work, Michael’s gaze is met by a vision of beauty. Her stare penetrates him and unable to turn away, Michael becomes intoxicated by the vision as she slowly unbuttons her coat to reveal that underneath she is totally naked. He stares in disbelief as she demands that he makes love to her right there.:Driven by lust, Michael can only obey as they both become locked in a devouring passion totally oblivious to the people around them. Unbeknown to Michael, the beautiful stranger is a writer who’s about to finish her new book ‘Sarah And Her One Hundred Men’. Michael is about to become her one hundredth conquest… This is just the beginning of a torrid physical relationship in this sensual erotic drama from Italian maestro Joe D’Amato


A young heiress leads a life of excess and wants to marry a man her rich father despises. When her father suspiciously dies, and someone tries to kill her, she surrounds herself with her cousins, friends and lovers, all possible suspects

Dr. Dildo’s Secret

Directed by nobody, presumably because no one in their right mind would take credit for this P.O.S. Dr. Dildo’s secret – and I’m sorry to have to spoil this for you – is that he’s kidnapping all the attractive women in town and using his science to turn them into nymphomaniacs. This pretty much is just straight-up porn. Softcore porn, since it doesn’t actually show any genitals, but porn nonetheless. And in 60 minutes, there are only four major sex scenes, and they’re all very boring. Of the five or so women you see naked, only one is very attractive. The rest aren’t unattractive, exactly, but when I’m watching porn, I demand more.

Hardcore Club

In glassy terrain is danced in Beauty Club, which the disco rhythm: its good. Viewed from below, one can admire the curves of the girls down to the nitty-gritty: even better. But best; the Dance-Drive opens on the same floor in boiling licking and blowing orgies after Striptease is proudly presented the pussy, and fucking is merely the logical consequence! In the adjoining rooms it is all the more savory to the point; Cock in ass (for the sake of completeness also equal in the pussy, so no cross-ventilation ...), fist fuck cum or fed fresh to a little mouth. Just a few highlights from this High Value-HardCore with super array of sexbombs.

OKM Sex Triathlon

Unaffected, relentlessly, right: This sensational live talent show is a disarmingly honest, electrifying sex workshop report about amateurs who give their all in the hope of future HardCore inserts and a place on the podium the last and tired sperm herrausschleudern off, Here the next-door neighbor fucks under the eyes of a VIP jury (among others Dolly Buster , Christof Clark .. !) An unparalleled occasion, organized by the Austrian Kontakmagazin guru OKM, shot in exclusive Club Roma, Salzburg, directed by Dino. With the TV media, press, and: six horny Dreamgirls , which stir up the semen.


Dolly discovers that the ring she inherited possess magical powers that allows her to change her appearance to look like anybody! Being a total slut she decides to use the power of the ring to change her into other peoples lovers so she can have sex with them! Don't miss all the hardcore action that follows! Enjoy the show! Dolly Buster Video Entertainment

Busty And Pregnant

Ultra horny and ready to drop, these hormonally charged sluts will do anything to come! One cock up their dripping snatch and another down their throat still isn't enough. Fuck them until come is running out of all of their holes and they will still beg for more. Over a dozen different pregnant sluts in films like Pregnant Fucker, Milk Clinic, Barefoot and Pregnant, and Knocked Up.

Blonde Angel

What if you died and were taken through highlights of your life and all you saw was one sex act after another Buck faces just such a fate in Bud Lee's steamy feature Blonde Angel, with our very own blonde angel, Kelly Jaye. Watch the beautifal ? Full DescriptionKelly, sultry Isis Nile, exotic Cumisha, nymphett Vixxxen and hot little Heather Lee have the times of their lives while one Buck Adams looks on his. Blonde Angel. You'll think you've died and went to heaven.

Classic Big Tits

Classic and vintage film footage from the 1950's. Take a trip in a time machine to the land of yesteryear, where the ladies were voluptuous and big breasted. There's nothing fake here, only huge tits in black and white, which will have you yearning for a time gone by of all natural beauty!

Cockaramic Injections

Video amateur Christian Guerlain (Christophe Clark) is sending the intimate sex games with his wife Claudine (Sandrine Marove) via the house antenna. All this by accident of course, but the neighbours can watch the couple having kinky sex now. Turned on by the hot new programme the neighbours get horny, but also chief inspector Roquefort (Yves Baillat) gets a hard-on ... - A spicy Hardcore Comedy, dirty and funny showing some of VT0?s horny topstars who also like to come through the 'backdoor' sometimes ...

Three Ways 4

Whether you enjoy two girls and a guy, or two guys and a girl, you're sure to find your thrill in this non-stop assortment of trios! With more moist and meaty ménages and an all-star cast featuring Nina Hartley, Vanessa del Rio, Tiffany Clark, and many, many more, this classic collection is a must-watch!

Still Going Strong

Indeed: from lean to obese, from 50 to 70, everything is represented. And from the bomb mood and Ficklust these seniors to younger can cut a whole fillet! The veterans come shipped in by bus to the tourist restaurant or in a club, so heartily to the point that no one thinks to pensioners and transitional Heizdeckenverkauf. Hot Strips and Bums-polonaises are continued on the toilet; when the oldies Mamas times find no stiffeners, will also do bottles, and they are all cum drenched. Not a cheap Granny movie in dimly lit back room, but rather a grandiose pleasure life!

Primary Pleasures

This is a story about 80's politicians. These local members of the city council have sex lives that are more demanding than public office. First we see councilman Mr Norris with political hopeful Susan Warren, they meet in his cozy love nest in the burrough of Queens. He sucks on her and she returns the favor. The councilman takes her missionary and then finishes the scene, taking her from behind and exploding on her ass. Then we meet Francisco, and he and Susan try out the love nest in a very hot scene. Susan rides his face like there's no tomorrow and Francisco manages to lick her ass a few times as well. Susan rides him hard and he creams all over her. The janitor from the building then shows another political candidate the love nest. Her name is Miss Geraldine Taylor and she is a hottie. The janitor is seduced by her and her uncontrollable sexual appetite. This is a raw scene of unbridled passion, complete with all the dirty talk, like 'suck my clit!' Susan then confronts the janitor about him fucking and sucking Miss Taylor, Susan tells him that she will call the police. She says that if he doesn't lick her pussy then he will go to jail for years. Th threat obviously works, because they have hardcore intercourse. We then find Miss Taylor and Francisco involved in the grand final, a serious scene of sucking, licking, fingering and fucking. They perform a very intense 69 with Francisco's inserting his finger into her ass as a bonus. He then rams her doggie and ends up massaging her buttocks with his hot man lotion.

Kinky Classics #2

Shelly Culligan might look like your typical 40s housewife, but there is one thing that is definitely not typical with this amateur - she's sneaking around to put her sexual exploits on camera. Video cameras were a pretty new thing back then, so it's especially risque that she wants to do something like that. Her stocking covered legs get spread open, and her head goes back as Clyde Tidwell starts to work his fingers deep inside of her hairy pussy. She loves getting all of that attention, especially when it's captured for all time.Even in the older days of porn there is nothing a woman likes more than too have a young inexperienced tart to teach the ropes too. The buxom blonde poses the brunette then strips her out of her bra and panties, the brunette is shy and holds her arms over her tits, trying to keep her knees together without success. The more she squirms away from her the more the blonde gets turned on, exerting her dominance over the young slut. When she finds her button, the brunette stops trying to get away and starts to enjoy the sensations of having her twat eaten.In the age of woman being full covered from head to toe, showing as little skin as possible these Southern Belles would be considered ladies in public, but what happens behind closed doors is another matter. They have naked man servants to wait on the them hand and foot and provide for their every comfort. They give new meaning to the term whiskey dick, when she pours her beverage all over his shaft, only to lick and suck it clean again. Finally letting him touch her she lays back to enjoy all that he has to offer.Bobby Ferrin is on a hot date with Rhea Price and just like it was way back when he nails her in the backseat of his car. Her hairy pussy is spread open and he eats that shit like it's his job while stroking his own knob. Rhea takes his cock in her mouth and gives him a slow blowjob while she's still having her snatch fingered by this gentleman. They get a good fuck going and we get a couple views, one from the backseat and one through the windshield, hell they might even be at the drive-in just like it was in the old days. He finishes her off while she's sitting on his face with her hair-pie.

Bus Stop Tales 1

Ed Powers is a pick up artist and pick up the exotic Lisa. After a brief conversation and convincing Lisa goes along for the ride. She’s an amateur and has never done anything like she’s about to do on camera. She very fit and tone and has nice perky small natural tits. Her pussy is unshaved. She enjoys getting her pussy licked and giving a blowjob. She fucks in different positions and gets a facial and Ed’s load explodes on her lovely tits.

Secrets of the Satin Blues

A beautiful young woman discovers a fiery sexual appetite while wearing some new satin blue underwear. It turns out the underwear have the same effect on all of the women who wear it, and somehow it finds its way around a group of luscious dames with riotous and kinky results.

Penetration Of Elle Rio

The Penetration of Elle Rio is an erotic and stimulating presentation of the hottest actress in adult video. Hustler magazine calls centerfold Elle Rio 'A hot-blooded-Brazilian sexpot with a ravenous body - a sexual dynamo'. Sharon Mitchell co-stars with Tanya Fox and Viper. 'The tattooed snake woman'. The story features Viper in a dazzling sex scene shot with electrifying strobe lights, sure to become a classic. Elle Rio exhibits all her raw talent as she portrays the nasty other woman in a story which includes six penetrations. A must for sex vid fans - The Penetration of Elle Rio is fast, furious, hot, steaming and passionate.

Fury disco

Story In the family Choiseul, the husband, Jean-Franзois, a compositor, is spending all his time on his work where his wife, Patricia, and daughter, Louise, are bored. The husband asks Tommy Bertin to join him in his house to help him in his compositions. Immediately, wife and daughter fall in love with Tommy and he will take them in all kind of experiences far for their home. The husband helped by the servant will find a way to get rid of Tommy.

Teeny Talk

Women, it is said, have more to say than men. With our three freaky teens, this is true in all cases. They tell each other their most intimate fantasies, from blowing, seed swallowing, anal sex and double penetrations. The super orgasm, too – you just Teeny Talk.


Ms. Romay plays a prostitute who is forced to go on the run after her brothel is busted! She ends up posing as a maid for a stuffy rich family. Her unrestrained sexuality has them all going nuts! Howard Vernon is great as the bedridden and perverted but lovable old Grandfather.

No Morals

Maid answers the door to two men dressed in T-shirts with 'Adonis Massage' printed on them. They have come to 'service' a more mature brunette, evidently the 'lady' of the house (Sheila). They start to give her a massage on a table, but it doesn't take long before she has their cocks out and is sucking on one of them. Three girls arrive in the house. I deduce the daughter and her two friends (one is , another is Debbie [9], and the third is NK0546). They go upstairs to the daughter's bedroom and inflate a life-size male doll and begin to have their way with it. The maid peeps on all this and wanks with her feather duster. She then lets in two workmen. Meanwhile the mother has taken a facial and a cumshot over her pubes from the masseurs. The workmen start work and two of the schoolgirls come downstairs naked and go to the fridge. The workmen spot them and get a blowjob each. The maid joins the third girl in the bedroom and takes over in riding the doll while the two girls downstairs are getting fucked on the dining room table. The maid and the third girl have a brief lesbian session before she confiscates the doll. The workmen join the masseurs and the mother takes on all four (including anal and DP to facials) while the maid and the girls watch from behind the door. The maid and the girls grab the workmen and drag them into the lounge for an orgy in which the mother joins in and the film ends when the father of the house comes home and catches them at it.

Pet of the Month

PET OF THE MONTH Mariwin Roberts comes back hot from her Hawaiian vacation and recounts all her sexual exploits to her office co-workers. She tells them about the hunk hang glider and the love she made on the beautiful sandy beaches of Hawaii

Il tuo vizio e una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave

Oliviero is a burned-out writer, living at his estate near Venice, his dead mother dominating his imagination. He is also a degenerate: sleeps with his maid and his ex-student, hosts Bacchanalia for local hippies, and humiliates his wife Irina in front of strangers. She lives in terror. When a young woman is murdered, police suspect Oliviero. Things get complicated when his young, beautiful, and self-confident niece, Floriana, pays an unexpected visit. A silver-haired stranger observes. More women die, and thoughts of harming Irina give Oliviero new inspiration. What’s Floriana’s game and who’s the observant stranger? Watching all is a black cat named Satan.

Smooth Operator

Corporate executive Grace Nichols (Megan Hughes) was all business until she was turned on to Brian Lerner (Doug Jeffery), the hottest personal trainer and biggest womanizer in town. Her resolve to avoid relationships that might distract her corporate climb was put to bed the minute he lured her between the sheets. But she never knew the price she’d have to pay before it was too late. Smooth Operator is an erotic adventure into intense passion and fantasy that will leave you breathless with desire and beggin for more.

Hidden Desires

There are some people that wait for marriage, some women who are simply waiting for the right guy. And then there are some women are content to wait for a man to give them all the sex they deeply need. But, these lovely creatures will go right ahead and seduce guys to fulfill their very nasty Hidden Desires.

Vollgerotzte Lippen

German whores will suck your dick like a vacuum with the expectation that you will pound their pussies hard and fast. These bitches won't settle for the same old Strudel, they want to be fucked to remember!!! Can you handle these slutty imports? Can you bear to watch all of this hot and hardcore action without being too envious of your place of origin? Cum find out!!!