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Julies Diary - Der Traum

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Vintage - Aphrodesia's Diary - 1983

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Celestine, bonne a tout faire...

Sex comedy from Jess Franco actually has the same source of Luis Bunuel's Diary of a Chambermaid but this here goes for way more laughs. The police raid a brothel and a prostitute (Lina Romay) escapes into the countryside. The woman, Celestine, ends up at a rich folks house where she ends up relaxing with two of the servants who then get her a job as a maid. Before long Celestine is relaxing with everyone trying to bring some joy to their lives. I was really letdown with this film after reading some positive reviews for it. Romay is cute and charming as always but the supporting cast, including Pamela Stanford, Monica Swinn and Howard Vernon are rather dull. There are some funny moments but not enough to fill the 93-minute running time. The best scene is when Romay is trying to rest in the morning but at least seven people show up for sex. Each time a new one knocks at the door she must try and hide the one she's currently relaxing with.

The Diary of My Legend Life

Next is My Private Life, a costume farce set in Victorian England. (I never realized hot pants and knee high boots were so popular back then.) We witness the erotic adventures of three cads as they get into various buck wild entanglements. Here’s the lowdown: luscious lesbos ORITA De CHADWICK and NANCY MARTIN dive into each other’s pools, then get skull-fucked by WILLIAM HOWARD. (They dip his pork-stick into a glass of grape, then play tug-of-war with it.) Other vignettes involve a trampy hooker and KEITH ERICKSON getting some nookie from EVE ORLON the parlor maid. And SANDI CAREY puts on a real show as the virgin Sarah, "a good-natured, foolish, stupid, trusting guy," who goes for a ride on the purple-headed cyclops. Remember, virginity can be cured. Pledge now: give until it hurts.

Legend Diary

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One Flew Over The Cuckoos Breast

After being released from a mental institution, stunning sex kitten Tamara Lee reveals the myths of her erotic past through the pages of her decadent diary. The audience sees her past passions in delirious detail as she flashes back to the events that made her the sex-hungry vixen she is today. Her erotic encounters take her from innocent school girl to super-charged sexual dynamo and we see every twist, turn, and tryst in between. Tamara is in fine form here, whether bouncing her partners off the walls or getting taught a lusty lesson in lesbian thrills. Mandi Grape and Carol Cummings are also on hand to help her on her merry way. Tamara may be Cuckoo, but her sex-crazy ways are sure to please!

Little Muffy Johnson

She is "Kimmie's little girl" and Kimmie is off to college. Her aunt tells her that an old friend is coming to spend the summer. He is given Kimmie's room and he finds Muffy's diary and we're shown what it contains via flashbacks. In the end, they all have a big sex party! Enjoy this 80's classic!

My Teenage Anal Diary

The virgin asshole explorations of sweet little teases are documented in this diary of XXX material from the sinful 1970s! Her Mickey Mouse shirt comes off to reveal her big budding breasts and tight little asshole in Betrayed Teens! Young blond Jean Jennings takes 3 huge cocks in all of her wet holes at once in Ravaging Mob! Little Lysa Thatcher and Crystal Dawn learn a game from an older friend who shoves his cock down both of their pink ass-pipes! Older couples teach their darlings to squeeze huge cocks up their asses, Ron Jeremy slides his long shaft up the butt of a pigtailed bra buster, and a sweet beauty lets her boyfriend poke both of her bald holes! 15 handpicked scenes in all!

Diary Of A Bed

The premise evokes Diderot's Les Bijou indiscret: a hoary old brass bed (animated through the device of a post-dubbed male voice) attempts to attract a "lady" mattress by regaling her with tales of the various trespasses that have jangled his aging springs. The first vignette involves the coupling of a Confederate soldier and a woman of ill repute. The pair dutifully performs the requisite sex acts to harpsichord accompaniment and the episode comes to an end when the soldier shoots his wad on the lady's flank. The second - and more elaborate - vignette occurs during Prohibition and centers around a young man enthralled with a book of novel sexual positions. In one instance, he attempts to convince his girlfriend to explore an unconventional act, but she refuses and they settle for a good old-fashioned screw. In a subsequent encounter, a sexy French maid enters the young man's chambers and proceeds to swap oral services with him. After a while, another lady in Twenties regalia slinks into the room and begins to stroke herself while the couple copulates. The domestic soon invites the flapper to join in on the tryst, causing the young man to rush to his manual for advice. The three titillate and tongue each another in a variety of positions to the strains of jazz cues. The final vignette in the film is narrated by the lady mattress and involves a young couple who make love at a bedding factory during a worker's lunch break. The two perform the requisite numbers to a bossa nova beat; he finally comes inside of her (the close-up is distressingly phlegm-matic) and they conclude their romp by eating a sandwich. Back to the framing device, the horny headboard finally convinces the mattress to hop on the springs.

Seka's Teenage Diary

Seka was one of the most popular porn stars of all time, steaming up the late 70s and early 80s with her sultry Scandinavian sizzle. A brash blonde bombshell with a delectable all natural figure, Seka exuded a brash sexuality that always took her partners by storm. In 'Seka's Teenage Diary' you'll enjoy a youthful side of Seka that's rarely been seen before. This feature brings together some of her earliest clips and scenes into one irresistible erotic treat. This is eye opening stuff, showing a side of Seka that's never before been seen. Her insatiable appetites and fantastic good looks were the stuff of porn legend, and this feature shows that even from the beginnings of her porn career, Seka had what it took to go right to the top. The flick was shot by Raffaelli, whose exotic images capture the erotic beauty and urgency of her desires. Crystal clear close-ups, and fantastic camera angles (not to mention Seka's pulse-pounding positions) give an eyeful of the beautiful young star. This one's packed with steamy, non-stop sex -- from her first nervous love scene with Mike Ranger to a fiery threesome with Ken Yontz and another nubile young stunner. 'Seka's Teenage Diary' is a must see for any fan of old school erotica!

Dear Diary

Winner of AVN awards for both Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress, Dear Diary features Kaitlyn Ashley as a disabled young woman with a very special diary. The dramatic performances -- and the explosive sexual situations they lead to -- will echo in your erotic imagination long after this tape has finished unspooling.


MG Media proudly presents the only authorized DVD release of the John Holmes legendary classic some have said was the inspiration for the film Boogie Nights. This rare classic features over twenty legendary stars. This feature-loaded DVD packs dozens of classic sex scenes with lost footage; including an intimate, never-seen-before interview with Holmes himself. Audio commentary is provided by well-known directors and confidants of Holmes, Bob Chinn and Julia St. Vincent, even view the pages of her personal diary. The program is hosted by the highly entertaining Grande Dame of Adult, Gloria Leonard.

Nackt und kess am Konigssee

The 'Königssee' is a beautiful lake located in Bavaria and surrounded by high mountains. Looking back at the history of the Bavarians, the narrator starts introducing Toni, the poacher, and his wife Marein to us. After Toni has said good-bye to her she's visited by Franz, the host's son with whom she will have sex later. The story continues on a quiet sunday morning. After church Zenzi, the chambermaid of the guesthouse, meets her boyfriend, a farm worker, in a stable. They have fast sex which leaves her really disappointed. Meanwhile the male inhabitants have gathered in the guesthouse as a stranger appears. MacFitz is wearing a kilt and turns out to be a Scotsman. He then rents a room for the night. At night he's visited by Resie, the waitress, but he refuses sex with her. After he has hidden in a wardrobe she lays down in his bed to finger her clit. When she's ready she reaches for a book which belongs to him. It must be some kind of diary from which she learns that he is searching for a private herb which will cure him of his impotence. The news spreads fast among the natives and everybody tries to find out where the herb grows. The following sex scenes seem to be just fantasies: Ernie (the host's wife) has lesbian sex with Zenzi and the mayor bangs Ernie. The host himself seduces his chambermaid Resie. After she has milked his cock between her huge tits MacFitz takes over immediately. He has obviously overcome his crisis and spurts huge loads on her back. MacFitz knows that a private map is hidden in the wall of the city hall. At night he goes there but is disturbed various times. The mayor finds him takes the map away. Next morning MacFitz is found by the crowd and tells them what has happened. They follow the mayor to Toni's farm which is the only place where the herb grows. In the end we get a great showdown between Toni, who has been caught in the act, and the rest of the pack.

Pornographie Sur Rendez Vous

Béryl (a model) is unhappily married to Gaston, who is older than her and writes down his fantasies in some sort of diary. She would like to get rid of him but refuses to divorce. Her lover, Frank, has an idea - why not have him die of a heart attack as he has a heart condition. In order to achieve this she could use the services of a call girl agency. Beryl is reluctant, but soon discovers that Frank has settled everything without her consent. (A short-haired blonde and a brunette will thank him for the contract in their very physical way.) Three girls will come to Béryl's husband on his birthday when she will be away. The first one to turn up is introduced as Corinne who is supposed to have been hired by Béryl to type Gaston's literature (fantasy scenes involving his former wife Chantal). The second one - a beautiful plump bonde - pops in as a camper drawn to his house by a storm. The third one introduces herself as Eva Monnier, a photographer friend of Béryl's. All three girls act out the man's fantasies (as told by his off-screen voice) until he dies in his stairway as they are masturbating in front of him. Meanwhile, as Frank shows too little interest in her, Béryl decides she will take her revenge on him (yet Diane Dubois' scene where she's dressed in black leather is her best to me). After her husband's death, Béryl learns that she won't inherit from him as he was still married to his first wife, Chantal (unfortunately unseen in the film!) and that they had had a guy called Frank. Her very Frank who, now that he has come into his dad's money, walks out on her. Obviously he had been planning this from the beginning of his affair with her. Béryl gets a gun and shoots him.

Delires Sensuels

Chantal comes home after two years in a boarding school. Her mother tells her that her former friends Béatrice and Norbert now live together in the house that he has inherited. The whole story is told in an off voice by Chantal as we see her writing in her diary. She recalls good moments spent with her friends (the first scene shows Norbert making love to Béatrice in the woods while Chantal is watching nearby). She is next seen masturbating while reminiscing (or fantasizing?) of a sex scene with Alban Ceray. Then Chantal decides to pay her friend a visit and encounters a young uncredited blonde girl (is that a wig she's got?) who seems to be someone of Béa's acquaintance and who tells her they are away. Meanwhile, Norbert who seems to be listenning to the whole conversation takes care of a blonde girl who's bound and gagged on a table, which seems to exclude the possibility of her being the same girl as the acquaintance. From then on we can see all five performers in all possible combinations (in the woods, kitchen, bedroom) and without apparent logic. We will never know who the blonde girl is or the reason for Alban's presence.

Diary of a Nymph

Tracy is a middle class housewife suffering from that most dreaded of uterine maladies, sexual frustration. Her selfish husband seems not to notice that she diddles herself to orgasm after they have sex, all the while imagining scenes of erotic abandon. Tracy's ennui turns to exhibitionism, however, when she lays herself out next to the pool for the delectation of a horny neighbor. Not one to beat around the bush - especially where bush is involved - the abutting stud invites himself over to Tracy's place for coffee and cock-sucking. In spite of his dubious potency (sadly, the actor seems to have more luck growing a man-fro than sprouting wood), Tracy decides there's nothing better than casual compelled sex. She calls her "doctor" - apparently a shrink - and confesses that she thinks she has a "problem."

Book Of Fantasy

Guy and Stephanie have diner at the restaurant, while Mark with the complicity of the valet, is robbing their apartment. When sharing the loot, Mark inherits a mysterious diary containing the most perverse fantasies of Stephanie. The couple discovers the damage and Guy, moved by the apparent disorder of his wife, sends her on vacation on the boat of her cousin Roxanne. The two females in heat will have lesbian relations, wholeheartedly, and reach orgasm while the exhaustion.... Mark, lured by the confidences of the diary, followed Stephanie and turns, without her knowing, her epistolary dreams into reality: horse racing, ass naked on the rump of the stranger soaked with sweat and cum, intimate photo sessions without consent, repeated assaultes by tramps in a filthy caravan, violent double penetrations, orgiastic gang bangs ... She dreamed of a masked man : Zorro fucks her from behind on her knees, with enraged cock shots. She wanted to expose herself ... the devil in the flesh, she makes a hot striptease to the death on the boat deck, offering her body to the wind, to the sea spray and to the mast. The stiffly missus (or the upper-middle class woman or the bourgeoise) was hiding a hell of a slut, that Marc reveals in all its glory, its decadence, its most legend intimacy. She swallows gallons of sperm, drips from her holes, dirty nails masturbate her and have her enjoying it like a bitch ... This film is a revelation: sometimes just a mundane robbery can kill the faithful woman and wake up the whore …

Memoirs of a Chamber Maid

Amy Rogers is a romance novelist, searching for an inspirational location to rent in order to complete her latest novel. Her search leads to an old Victorian mansion filled with dust and cobwebs. While cleaning, she comes across a mysterious looking doorway, which leads to an unused attic. Exploring the attic, she finds a diary entitled "The Personal Memoirs of Molly Mae," dated 1887. She begins to read and becomes fascinated, eventually becoming obsessed with the characters in the diary. Her obsession leads to strange and mystical experiences as she begins to physically feel the emotions of the writer Molly Mae. Molly Mae, Jason, her lover, and his family, the Cromwells, magically take form and ultimately absorb Amy into their existence. As Amy falls in love with Jason, the viewer is compelled to discern what is fantasy and what is reality in this tender love story.

Racconti Napoletani

The film begins with a hot scene that turns out to be a man's fantasy. You begin to see that he is reading something, a dirty book, a diary, who knows? But each time a scene begins, we see him reading his book, and then staring off and fantasizing. It's his fantasies that you have to see! He fantasizes about fondling and fucking women; having them wake up as he cums all over their faces! He fantasizes about anal sex and messy cumshots. His fantasies come true in the end when he finally gets his hands on some willing female flesh and does everything his heart desires!

My young Anal Diary(Lysa Thatcher) 5

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