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Maria is in the city, bored with her lover Tammy. An exhibitionist, she answers an ad in the "New York Review of Sex." She's invited to a house in Vermont, owned by an eccentric named Spencer, a man who likes to watch. Maria goes, seeking thrills. She meets women who spend their days rehearsing for shows staged for Spencer. He has a concoction of aphrodisiacs, and the women are happy to play - with each other, for the camera, in front of Spencer, and with Boris, Spencer's assistant who runs the household. Maria throws herself into the games. Which person will prove to be the ultimate degenerate?


The story is about late bloomer Eva. Content with her lesbian relationship with Michelle she is curious but unknowledgeable about heterosexual sex. One day her cosy relationship is shattered when Michelle dumps her for a male lover. A flirtation with a colleague comes to nothing (except for a memorable encounter with an exhibitionist), and things only change when Eva meets Lois. Lois plays it slowly, but it soon becomes clear that he has some strange sexual tastes, e.g. sex with strangers in a car park [now called 'dogging' in the UK], or paying a group of hippies to conduct an orgy. Initially hesitant, Eva's behaviour goes soon completely off the rails even by Lois's standards, and only being mugged by someone she had fancied for a quickie brings her to her senses.

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The « Poker Show est un superbe porno français, l’un des meilleurs », ont cité plusieurs journaux spécialisés anglais. Ce film en DVD regroupe des étoiles françaises et des interprètes de cinéma. Marilyn Jess est, dans cette surprenante production, une très belle fille à la française, des yeux bruns verts, naturelle, avec un corps de femme. Grâce à son charme naturel, elle reste ici l’une des femmes les plus chaudes et les plus sauvages. Un « tourbillon » agréable et bien réel, une grande star des films adultes. Ce film plutôt réaliste des années 80, est sorti dans plusieurs pays étrangers sous le nom de « Poker Partouze ». Car, en effet, l’un des points forts de « Poker Show », ce sont les partouzes. Elles sont nombreuses et parfaitement cadrées, amenées systématiquement avec délicatesse. Ce DVD est souvent vendu avec un autre film : « la femme Objet ». On y retrouve d’ailleurs, plusieurs acteurs identiques. Le son et à travers lui, la musique, est très puissant, ce qui donne un côté plus mystérieux, plus subtil aux scènes pures. L’une des scènes torrides réunie deux filles avec des colliers cloutés et des chaînes, dans des uniformes dominants. On y voit l’une se frottant à l’autre, face à lueur chaude de la pièce, sur un dessus de lit en fourrure. Un vrai régal … Pour finir, on notera la petite pointe d’humour vers la 29ème minute, avec un jeu de mot sur « les pipes », c’est bien tourné et fallait y penser !!! Mais la partie finale est, je crois, la plus excitante, 16 mains viennent envahir le corps d’une de ces diablesses, l’excitation arrive à son comble… Points forts : Nombreux Trios entre 2 filles et un mec ou 2 mecs et une fille, scène lesbienne, exhibition, domination, En conclusion: « Poker Show », selon certains acteurs, est un des trésors du cinéma français. A vous de juger …

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Eighteen and Horny opens with balding, snaggle-toothed Dad putting the blocks to his wife while musing about his girl, Betsy. Although the wife has the breasts of a nineteen year old, Dad can’t help into Betsy’s room where, fortunately for him, Betsy relax with her mouth open... The next day, a rift erupts at Betsy’s birthday breakfast, and she packs her bags and runs away to the big city. There, she meets Chelsea, who offers her a place to stay. The crash pad turns out to be a gym where a wrestling instructor shows them some holds never seen on WCW. After a week of in-depth instruction, the girls are off to put on a private grappling exhibition for a fat cat who winds up pinning Betsy. Following an interlude of locker-room lesbianism, Betsy returns home where Dad tells her that Mom has had a nervous breakdown and is in the funny farm. Betsy reveals that she was awake when Pop porked her previously, and she shows him how much she liked it. But, in a shocking surprise ending...


DVDrip of yet another movie featuring Madison. Hope you guys aren't getting tired of her. This flick seems to be built around the final scene with Madison and Marc Wallice. The other four scenes could be from other movies although none of them are familiar to me. Good quality rip (imho) I think you'll like it.

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