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In Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire," Blanche came to town and changed Stanley's life forever. In A GUY'S DESIRE, Gino Colbert replaces Blanche with Blaine, and puts an all-male twist on an already torrid tale of smoldering sensuality and unrequited desire. The result is one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year.

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Los Angeles is a city where all dreams come true, especially if you dream of something hot and filthy. "To Lust in LA" is a story of several people who came to enjoy their vacation in LA. They throw a party by the pool, and after a couple of tipples everyone gets really horny. They will remember this wild party forever, because all of their dirty wishes will come true tonight. Watch such irresistible hotties as Amber Lynn, Angel Kelly, Tamara Longley and Vanessa D'Oro go all the way with well-hung guys and enjoy performing steamy blowjobs, riding meaty cocks, taking part in crazy group action and explode on orgasms. This fantastic classic porn flick from the 1980s is sure to blow you away!

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Keisha receives a package from Sweden, chock full of panties, dildos, and other lovely reminders of the time her beautiful redhead friend Veronica Doll was an exchange student at the college boardinghouse. Each item recalls a sexual anecdote… Like the time when Ms. Zanstra (Erica Boyer), the house owner, seduced Veronica … or when the class nerd (Tom Byron) literally charmed the pants off a cheerleader (Chantelle). Memories like those last forever. From Sweden With Love, another frat-frolic, gets nearly everyone involved and into the sex play, elevating this video a bit higher than the usual fare. Veronica Doll is especially good, and her fresh face (not to mention body) is welcome. Great box cover featuring Doll.

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Your favorite cum guzzling DD redhead is back. Her big freckled tits never looked better than in Water Nymph, with John Holmes and his buddy tag teaming cute Lisa in the shower. Big John also slams her in the locker room in Aching Jaws. Her pussy and tits are yours to ogle forever in more rare and raunchy loops and scenes like Star in Heat, Sexual Playground, Fixing Her Faucets and many more!

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You will witness a diabolical and dishonorable betrayal of innocence!! These young girls are manipulated and exploited into sexually deviant behavior, which is hot, hardcore and to our advantage, because we have a front row seat to watch and learn!! Once certain lines are crossed, these girls will forever be tainted by the evils of their sexually illicit acts!!

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An Italian Don exiles his daughter to America after one too many affairs with guys from the wrong side of the tracks. In her efforts to escape her bodyguard, she winds up in the amorous clutches of her father's rival, little knowing that he's out to destroy her father forever. Shot on location in Rome, Italy.

Wacky World Of X-rated Bloopers

Sixty nine. A telling number, don't you think? that's the complete cast listing for this fascinating new video from Gourmet. A highly abridged sampling can be found above this review, and I'm sure you'll agree there isn't a bad apple in the bunch. Kudos to Ron Wasserman for assembling the results from the inexhaustible supply of way footage from the Gourmet vaults. Wacky World is a far cry form just another blooper reel —aside from the flubbed lines, failed erections, and impossible-to-maintain positions, this item also provides a (pardon the pun) penetrating look behind the scenes of the adult film business. Of particular interest are snippets where Ron Jeremy gets quite pissed when the cameras roll before his famous hard-on gets hard, and director Bobby Hollander scolds the cast for too much chatter and not enough obeying his commands. Herchel Savage imparts his philosophy of love to Misty Regan in between takes, not realizing his comments are captured on tape forever. A must see for hardcore fans!

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Tony, owner of The Erotic Boutique, turns girls on by selling them antique clothing — a perfectly reasonable premise for a porno movie. While getting head from a lovely ’70s vixen, Tony says, "Give it a few more sucks, baby, and then climb aboard!" That’s Tony for you! A character right out of a cheap TV commercial for aluminum siding or a car paint job. Of greater interest than Tony, however, is Tony’s shopgirl. You may recognize her as the sweet meat from He and She, the living end of nubility and nookie. She actually smiles with a cock in her mouth! As the poet Keats said, "A gal who really enjoys giving head is a joy forever." The dialogue is cretinous. You can regularly overhear the director issuing commands to the confused actors and, in one unforgettable moment, after one actress asks a question and another actress doesn’t respond, there’s an awkward silence until the first actress leans over and whispers, "You’re supposed to say, Try this, it’s very pretty’"— a line which the forgetful actress, after a beat, at long last delivers! If that ain’t enough, the final scene is set at the beach — which is really the same room where the boutique props were set up, only now there’s a blanket on the floor! Only the ’70s could have generated such a film. The Deviate luved it!

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Welcome to Buttsville U.S.A. where beautiful women have two juicy things in common, firm, tight asses and a love of hot and steamy anal sex, with guys just like yourself! These hotties want a big cock to slam their throbbing pussies and rock their big juicy tits up and down.

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In the 1980's Edwin Durell swept the Adult Awards ceremonies with Every Woman Has A Fantasy and Every Woman Has A Fantasy 2 - and forever changed the way we look at erotica. Now, revamped for the 90's comes Durell's third segment of his classic tale of a young woman on a quest of sexual discovery. Packed with eight full action scenes and one of the biggest casts of the year.


Ryko Watanabe stars as Ami, a jaded housewife who pitches herself, body and soul, into the Tokyo decadence of the decade in an attempt to pep up her marriage. She joins the elite a Madame Machiko Society Cluba to experiment with discrete sex games and the thrill of making love to anonymous men. The sexual perversion and sick depravity she is subjected to, by her clients, is much more than she bargained for. Bondage, beads and whips are only the beginning! Can she escape this private life she has chosen, or will it delete her forever?

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You never know when your life is gonna change forever! All it took was just a glimpse of a pretty girl for an insatiable stud to fall desperately in love and stop chasing women. No more one night stands, he has to find the girl of his dreams, no matter what it takes. He doesn't know her name, he doesn't know who she is, but he knows who her friends are, so he starts with spying on them. These slutty chicks enjoy dirty sex as much as he used to, and watching these insatiable hotties perform steamy blowjobs and fuck well-hung guys is extremely exciting. Still, it doesn't help to find the girl of his dreams. What is the next step of a desperate man and where his wild passion is gonna take him? Watch this super hot classic porn movie to find out!

Men Come First

A door-to-door salesman (played by Lance Prentis) selling "marital aids" is featured in this late 70's film that used a good dose of humor. The scene where he demonstrates their main product, Forever Hard, is soooo funny! He actually stands, and balances himself, on the guys cock after applying the balm, to show how rigid your cock becomes. There's another scene where one of two lovers just can't seem to cum, and the salesman has them make love in front of him so he can analyze the problem. As they are fucking away, he takes out a flask-rocket like aparatus, sticks it up the guy's ass, and of course, they cum like mad! George Payne is apparently in a "cameo", a fantasy scene involving leather, and a huge poppers box as a backdrop.

Dark Dreams

A newlywed couple drives through the woods, barely able to keep their hands off each other. But when their car breaks down they find that the only house for miles is haunted! They are taken in by a witch who serves them a strange brew. The bride passes out, and the groom is lured away by a busty blonde. A hooded warlock abducts the virgin bride - and she is subjected to a dose of bondage and lesbian loving! Meanwhile, the groom is seduced by one wanton vixen after another - including an oil-slicked black beauty and a buxom bombshell covered in whipped cream. He's oblivious to his new wife's erotic induction into witchcraft - which culminates in a wild gang bang that seals their fates forever!

Blonde Heat

When a mysterious blond (Seka) enters the Hollywood office of private eye Mark Lowe, his sex life changes forever! Looking for the Maltese Dildo, a lost ancient artifact with strange sexual powers, his gorgeous client becomes so aroused she seduces him--and soon he's on the trail of the elusive dildo. During the course of his investigation, Mark finds that the mere description of the dildo arouses the passions of any and all women. Needless to say, Mark becomes quite a storyteller, and many a hot chicks lend more than an ear to his wagging tongue! Mark may never solve the case, but he has no complaints--he's been substantially paid, and laid.

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Imagine what it would be likeito be alive forever. To never grow old…ito be forever young, forever hard, forever ready. To haveia life full of unimaginable erotic sensations…ito have any woman you want, whenever you want her,iin any way you please. To make loveito an endless array of beautiful, willing women forever andiever. Is itia dream? A fantasy? It’s all this andimore…he’s here.

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Great gazongas! When the infamous master of mammaries, Bobby Hollander, sets his mind on amassing the finest collection of large-busted beauties ever to be released to lung lovers anywhere - he was thinking big! Simply put, we're talking truckloads of the jiggliest, jelly-filled jugs ever to jostle their way across your screen! Not enough? See Ledawn, and the fabulously endowed Shawn as they exchange philosophies on the fine art of melon squeezing. You say you're still not satisfied! Thrill to the sexual stylings of Miss Suzi Sparks! Nine feet of leather strap lost forever in her cavernous cleavage! And, for you milkmen (and women) the spectacular Trinity Loren demonstrates her do-it-yourself threesome while treating hubby Barry to a mum's milk shower!


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Seated in Dr. Horst Von Semen's office, Duncan (Tom Byron) explains his problem. It seems his 'third leg' is limper than a bowl of week-old linguini. But, the doctor has a machine that's going to change Duncan's life forever. Entering the world of 'sexcape', Duncan time travels to undo the sexual mistakes responsible for his embarrassing problem. First he gives his high school honey (Keli Richards) the homecoming she always wanted... while his guy Dan pounds Candi Evens' pom-poms! There's a sizzling night club encounter with fiery Buffy Davis, a wild gym workout with an insatiable Eurasian aerobics teacher, and lots more! With escapades like these, Duncan may never turn the SexScape machine off!

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