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Head Waitress

Desiree Lane and her fellow waitresses are sick and tired of being sexually harassed by their piggish boss so they arrange to buy him out. But how do dirt-cheap waitresses come up with such cash? By changing the menu, of course! To the delight of their customers, the waitresses add some very sexy specials to the bill of fare ? with explosive results! You will feast your eyeballs on a sensual smorgasbord of sinful delights, and discover just what it takes to become an erotic entrepreneur. HEAD WAITRESS really lives up to its name!

How to Get Ahead

Welcome to high education's hottest campus, where making the grade isn't half as important, or nearly as much fun, as making the teacher. Here you'll find that the most popular sports are full contact, as this sexually charged and erotically insatiable student body will always find a new way to enjoy night after night of smoldering sensuality.

Las Vegas Erotica

Come take a whirlwind sexual tour of America's sexual premier 1CSin City 1D, Las Vegas. Your tour guide is a 1Cworking girl' who knows where the action is 13 and was not talking about craps and keno! For starters, you'll see how those leggy showgirls prepare for their hot nightclub act 13 with a wet poolside orgy. Then, two cocktail waitresses concoct the ultimate three-way, with a willing and worked up bartender. Of course, that's not to mention the girl-girl antics, the group gropes, the interracial encounters, and fun stuff that transpires in Las Vegas Erotica.


Prepare yourself to be delighted as a multitude of sexy girls are fucked hard, spread wide, and pushed to their sexual limits. Jealousy is a movie that has a little bit of everything from girl on girl to masturbation solo. Watch how these women give it as much as well as take it.

Liao zhai: Hua nong yue

Very seldom shown erotic story of a cuckolded husband who departs his home and unwittingly becomes included with not one, but two, alluring ghosts. Mandy and his spouse will be an uncommon few under any conditions. Mandy fools around with young women while his spouse is within the home, nevertheless the wife isn’t bothered a lot. She is just considering in the job she’s offered Mandy, which is …. to frequently check with the neighborhood brothelkeeper, and find away if she’s found guys with incredibly difficult manhoods. How hard ? Complicated enough to punch an opening in a sack of grain. And one more thing. Mandy and his wife are ghosts. Of course, this means you will find people who are seeking to exorcise them. In between residential disputes and pursued exorcisms, there’s acres of nudity and lots of sex.

The Playmates in Deep Vision 3-D

The story is about Jane Kinsey who is making a documentary on swingers and is unable to find romance for herself. Throughout the movie, she presents different ways of “hooking up” which includes everything from the Renaissance to the various tactics of the 70s (which consist of bad pickup lines and girls hitting on guys). After wandering around and studying various examples, she runs into Joe Strovack (who is a TV host). She ends up going on his show and falling for him. After some weird dreams, she finally gathers the courage to tell him how she feels. The movie has a good ending with them on a bed in a field with a great overall soundtrack (especially the last song “Peace is a flower”)

The Swinging Cheerleaders

In order to write an expose on how cheerleading demeans women, a reporter for a college newspaper infiltrates the cheerleading squad.

Anita: Swedish Nymphet

Anita is a teenage girl, and while she has developed early physically, to a mature woman, she is psychologically completly ruthless. Her relationship the her parents and her friends is very poor and she is regarded with contempt by the people around her, even by the men who so ruthlessly use her. During her troubles she meets Erik, a young psychology student. Gently and carefully he begins to dispell her psychological blocks. In the course of this treatment she reveals to him some of the shocking espisodes of her previous experience and how an inner compulsion forces her into humiliating debauchery in dangerous environments. Erik believes he has the solution to Anita’s problems: to let her move into an artist’s communal experiment, of which he is already a member. The common interest of this collective is largely the performing of classical music. Anita’s prosence in the collective, however, is regarded by some of the other girls as highly provocative.

The Bride

Rachel is getting married in the morning. Before she can go through with committing to the man she loves, she needs to get some things out of her system. :She fucks and sucks other men until the morning of her wedding. After she gets married, she gives her husband the pussy that he's been longing for and has no idea just how used it is!

Kango joshiryo: Ijiwaru na yubi

There’s a new group of young ladies working at St. Elizabeth Hospital and they’re all looking for love. These nurses are watched over by a fairly strict dorm supervisor, but with the help of the mysterious Yuki, they are able to sneak in their boyfriends at night. Yuki is a terrible influence on the girls, but she sure knows how to have fun! When a bandaged man walks into the hospital looking for Yuki, her past is revealed. His name is Tadao and he was secretly married to Yuki. He wants to rekindle their failed relationship, but she has other ideas. On one strange night, the boyfriends, Tadao and many others all converge at the hospital for the evening.

Colegialas lesbianas y el placer de pervertir

Aunt Mary is not happy with her recent marriage. Her husband always wants to go to bed, and she doesn’t like it. Her sister’s daughter comes with a girl to spend some days in the house. Mary learns how to love both men and women.

With Love Lisa_Part 1

NOW is the time to savor those luscious, lip-smacking movie moment with the brassy, sassy favorite of adult motion pictures - Lisa De Leeuw. Be prepared to see snatches of Lisa at their sauciest... or watch as she gets serious in a wanton wrestling match. Nothing is going to keep this girl down in With Love, Lisa.:Lisa's an outdoorsy, country gal who knows no fear. With cornsilk skin and a burning bush of auburn hair. this fiery thrillseeker is always ready for new experiences! Like the time she got down'n'dirty on a pool table (no one can rack up balls like Lisa!). And who could forget the torrid team of Lisa and Sharon Mitchell... inspirational! And there's lots, lots more!:So reacquaint yourself with this big-hearted lady who really knows how to spread her down-home hospitality around. With Lisa's open door invitation... you'll always come back for more.

How To Seduce a Virgin

Martine Bressac is released from a psychiatric clinic after a year’s treatment and is driven home by her chauffeur, Mathias. She is welcomed by the demented hunchbacked gardener Malou and the mute servant girl Adele, and impatiently demands the key to her mysterious private chamber. There, set out like exhibits in a waxwork, are the bodies of beautiful girls frozen in postures of terror on the point of death. With Mathias’ help, Martine has just added another girl, a prostitute, to her collection when her husband and accomplice, Charles, arrives home with slides of a further prospective victim: Cecile the virginal daughter of a diplomat…

The Girls of Russia

The West is ready, but experts know: the tighter appearance of the Russian bear to beautiful, long legs could even make the Arctic melt! The corset fled, dock the sex cosmonauts to everything that moves - not only the dissolute casting ... The final sperm salute comes in Antwerp, so, how best to go about getting to the nitty-gritty: from behind in the ass. So, Euro-Russian Entente sex on location with luxury cast of hot, new girls. Nastrovje!

Swinging Couples 4

Tony Martino and Kim Chambers are a young horny couple and they have swung before and invite another couple, Michael J. Cox and Barbara Doll over for a foursome. The couples at first switch partners and go in separate rooms then they all join in the sexual feats in the bedroom. The next couple is married, Johnny and Holly, they invite another couple over for a swinging interracial foursome. These couples really know how to spice up their sex lives.

Pretty Wet Lips

A psychiatrist interested in how people get to where they are in space and time, interviews individuals involved in crime as we see the events though flashback. Chickie & Buster, cruise along in their VW bus and kidnap a school girl hitch hiking. They abuse and abuse and then arrive at a suburban home where Buster attacks the owner. A neighbor, Brigitte Maier, comes over to visit and is also attacked. Finally the husband, who has spent the day with a call girl, comes home and after being attacked by one of the women he turns the tables and saves the day.

El ultimo pecado de la burguesia

El Ultimo Pecado de la Burguesia is a Spanish movie by Enrique Guevara. I really hesitated to categorize this one. It starts as some kind of serious drama about a mature woman who meets another, younger one. They become friends and start going places together, doing things, even going on a holiday and sleeping in the same bed, but it’s all very proper until they meet a young man. At this point, the movie suddenly turns into a softcore epic, with the younger woman seducing first the man then her friend. And then they have a threesome, and then another threesome, and then another, so much that you begin to wonder if they’ll be having threesomes for the whole damn remaining length of the movie. But just when it threatens to become tedious, bang ! the older woman is abused by two thugs, much unhappiness ensues and it all ends in tragedy ! So exploitation it is ! The sex scenes are sometimes rather explicit for softcore, and the abuse scene is as nasty as they come, so I guess it would have been a shame not to pick this up from emule in order to bring it to wipflms.:One of the two women is played by Raquel Evans who, according to imdb, was the director’s sister. How weird can it be to direct you own sister in a sex scene?

Gorges Profondes et Petites Filles

Do you like young chicks? The kind of vicious Adonis? This movie will show you two screwed girls. While awaiting their teacher, they peep the mother in law doing a deep throat to her man.:When the teacher comes, they’re too excited to refuse his proposition. But watching this scene, the woman comes quickly to show the chicks how to do a deep throat!:For the first time before the camera, a French woman does a real “Deep Throat”. Do not miss this groovy movie.

La Coccolona

Sylvia (Lina Romay who played in How To Seduce a Virgin and Lilian The Perverted Virgin) – erotic show star, a prostitute and a nympho – wakes up one morning in the arms of two corpses. Then begin her dizzying adventures with foreign spies and mobsters with which she is dealing with innate ease of James Bond

Young Lady Chatterly 1

Cynthia inherits her aunt’s large estate and moves in. She reads her aunt’s diary and finds out (and graphically imagines) how she was taught in the ways of love by her gardener in 1901 at the age of 21. She decides to continue the fruitful relationship to the personnel and gets it on with the handsome young gardener herself.

Ride a Pink Lady

Barbara Dare did a trademark heavy breather with West & Savage did a good number on Moons & Dixin. Buddy Love & Keisha were somewhat pedestrian and bland, so was West with Dixin & Moons. Anal scene with Savage & Dixin was highly instructive - visually - on how to do anal. Frequent reruns of Do this one.

Inside Georgina Spelvin

This sizzler stars Darby Lloyd Rains, Linda Terry and Jim Rausch as a trio of roommates who have fallen desperately behind on their rent. So what is a trio of hippie-dippie lovebirds supposed to do to raise a little fast cash? How about make their own porno movie, of course! The three would-be pornstars enlist the aid of porno legend Georgina Spelvin to get their project off the ground, and the action just picks up from there. Throw in a subplot about lusty landlord Jeffrey Hurst, who's started demanding sex from his tenants as payment, and you've got the makings of a real classic of early hardcore cinema.

Moglie in orgasmo

The mayor of some provincial village calls the detective agency which employs Dany and Martine because a local woman (Therese) is spreading gossip about how several local establishment figures of his party have scandalously taken advantage of her.:Dany and Martine come to investigate and hear first Therese's story about how Luc, Paul and Jacques coerced her into indecent acts, such as pharmacist Luc talking her into giving him a blow-job as a means to relieve her migraine.:Dany and Martine soon conjecture that this is all wishful thinking and that Therese merely wants to get hitched and get laid. So they validate the hypothesis by trying out the men for themselves.:In the end, Therese is happy too, because our heroines arrange a hot date with Jacques - with a predictable outcome.


It's amazing how lost in the cock one can get in a full blown fuckfest orgy. Watch as everyone must cum in this fast moving film. These cock hungry Euro babes really know how to get down and dirty in all the elements. They don't really seem to mind as long as they are getting reamed from behind or there is a hard cock in their mouth!

Mondo Keyhole

Howard Thorne is a rapist in Los Angeles: he meets women at work and at parties or he sees them walking down the street, and he follows them, terrifies them, and assaults them. He also dreams about these assaults, and he’s unclear how much of what he’s done is real and how much is fantasy. He ignores his heroin-using wife, Vicki, who tries everything she can think of to get his sexual attention. Howard and Vicki go separately to a costume party where she learns the full truth about his nature and where he is stalked by one of his recent victims. Individualized versions of Hell await Howard and Vicki.

Babes in the Woods

Narrated in the style of an educational film, this sexy drive-in classic follows a group of gorgeous young women as they shed more than their inhibitions on their way to summer camp. From tantalizing a hapless gas station owner to bathing in a waterfall and seducing the camp director, these young mischief-makers know how to have a naughty good time. They show off their bodies at every opportunity, driving men wild with their free-spirited sexuality


This movie revolves around the receptionists at MatchMakers Inc, which is a dating service. The lady receptionist strives to set up dates for the clients and she wonders who is the mysterious caller is. She is how all these dates come together for sex that is so gratifying. Summer Knight doesn't star in any sex but she sets the tone right with her strip tease in the beginning.

How to cure your lovely woman

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How I like to keep my GF

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Hot blondie teaches asians how to masturbate

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Skinny teen knows how to ride first time Russian paramours having sensual

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