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Deeper. Angela White Lures Each Man In to Take Their Turn

In Greek mythology, sirens were dangerous creatures who lured sailors to shipwreck on the rocks of their island. In an abandoned urban warehouse, these creatures are reimagined as sexual hooks

Gefangene Frauen

Gefangene Frauen (better known in the US as Island Women) is a fantastic WIP film directed by Erwin Dietrich with an amazing cast the includes Brigitte Lahaie, Karine Gambier, France Lomay, Nadine Pascal, Krista Free and Eric Falk. In a South American country the 'El President; decides he has to hide the prostitutes who work in his brothels. His plaything, Karine Gambier suggests he had the girls 'arrested' and brought to an island prison where she plays the warden who must keep the girls in line. There the prisoners are subjected to the usual women-in-prison disciplinary actions. There's an abundance of nudity in this fine exploitation film from Erwin Dietrich that has a little bit of everything for fans of Euro-Trash. How can you go wrong with a cast that includes Karine Gambier, Brigitte Lahaie and France Lomay? This DVD has been released under the supervision of Erwin Dietrich so you are guaranteed of the highest possible quality.

Hawaiian Heat 2

Welcome to Scotty Fox's other half: Pt. 2 of Hawian Heat. In which he takes porn's hottest stars to Hawaii, letting them loose on the volcanic black beaches, in the clear lagoons and under the crisp waterfalls of the world's prettiest island. And guess what happens: They all get laid. And rather constantly! It's Felicia, Tera Heart, Olivia, Vanessa, Dallas and more in Hawaiian Heat 2: Beach Tramps. With six action scenes and more beautiful scenery than a week of PBS specials. Or as the natives say, "alikuanamali" (That means "you'd be smiling too if you were getting $500 a night for hotel rooms!") Aloha...

The Pitfalls Of Bunny

In The Pitfalls of Bunny, the NYC blackout of 1977 sends three roomies — Marlene Willoughby, David Williams, and the titular Bunny — out of town to the wilds of Long Island where they can fuck and suck where it’s light. (Their trip is irrationally scored with Old English ballads and banjo music!) They arrange to have their apartment cleaned while they’re away, and two cleaning sluts move in and start poking vacuum cleaner accessories up their snatches — which, of course, is the only way to "plug in" a vacuum cleaner during a blackout. Out on the Island, Willoughby and Williams screw each other silly lakeside, while Bunny dildos herself in a hammock. When two fishermen happen by and see Bunny, they do what any two fishermen would do. "Let’s fuck her!" says one, setting down his fishing rod and whipping out his fleshy rod and plunging it into her Bunny hole. Meanwhile, back in Blackout City, the cleaning sluts are joined by Tony, the Roto-Rooter Man (BOBBY ASTYR), who roto-screwters the cleaning cunts. Then they promptly clean out Bunny’s apartment, leaving her in high dudgeon over the pitfalls of porn plots and without a stiff carrot in sight.

Girls Of Treasure Island

The movie begins with a narrator telling us about this guy Peter. This movie is about a problem he had and a girl named Lonni who helped him solve it. The narration fades and we see Lonni (Kascha), reading a magazine when Peter (Peter North) shows up. Peter tells Lonni about a party he wants to organize for his girlfriend, but unfortunately he has no money. Lonni doesn't have any money either. Bummer.

Organ Juice

Organ Juice is a real hoot. MARC STEVENS (again) cums on his girlfriend’s face and, the next morning, her pimples are gone! "A million-dollar idea!" Stevens calls it. "Let’s flask it!" Thus, Organ Juice! All his friends are invited in on it and collecting Organ Juice becomes the order of the day. The dialogue here is hilarious. Stevens gives a couple of speeches about how to turn Organ Juice into a million-dollar idea that are positively priceless. In addition, ERIC EDWARDS hams it up as a stereotypical flaming gay executive secretary to Sophie (not Helena) Rubenstein. Their banter about Fire Island is a riot, after which they fuck on her desk. It just so happens that the Rubenstein corporation is looking for a natural, organic blemish cream. So guess what happens next? Yup! Organ Juice! Better yet, watch what happens next. The Deviate got a major kick out of this one, a ’70s hardcore comedy that’s really hot and funny. You’ll no doubt want to donate some Organ Juice of your own!

Educating Kascha

Francois has had the best adult video actressesand Kascha knows it! She wants to be his only true love, yet how does she compete? Francois suggests that they rent some adult tapes as visual instruction for Kascha. The idea works! As Kascha views these erotic messages, her body intuitively learns all the right moves! With her inner juices now at a boil, her education is complete. Francois need look no further, for his quiet island girl is now a passionate sexual vixen blazing with erotic heat!

Ten Little Maidens

John and Carol are mysteriously invited to an all-expenses-paid holiday on a secluded island. They go along with the offer, but soon find themselves in the mid of an erotic mystery.

Isle of Love

Rocky Newton (yes, that Rocky Newton) stars in our first torrid tale, Isle of Love. After a shipwreck, he is spit out on the shore of a tropical island. Before you can say "Robinson Crusoe," he is saved by an exotic beauty named Sunshine (Helen Butone) who was abandoned by her tribe. "Driven insane with desire," our hero submerges his waterlogged woody in her mossy ditch. They live on seagulls and turtle eggs and we are treated to a falling-in-love montage. Stranded, with nothing but their bodies to entertain them, they make mad, passionate love.

Island Girls: Fun In The Sun

Tube Porn Classic - free vintage porn tube, classic xxx movie, retro porn, Italian vintage porn movie, American vintage films, German vintage nude, French retro porno and many more top adult movies with Seka, Ron Jeremy, John Holmes, Traci Lords, Kay Parker and others.

All American Girls 2: In Heat

Shauna Grant is the rich woman gathering her old college girlfriends for a free weekend on a tropical island so they can relate their wildest sexual experiences. Tom Byron is rescued from a watery grave, and judges their tales.

Kiria Ke O Moutsos

Christina visits her cousins at their house located at an exotic Greek island. The film goes on describing her erotic adventures with the chaufer (Telis Stallone).

Erastes tou Egeou

Stavros (Notis Pitsilos) owns a disco located at a Greek island but he seems to have a nasty habbit: He likes watching his employees when having sex with beautiful women. He even has a party to celebrate his 40 years in peeping!

Guess Who Came At Dinner

A first-rate frolic, this scintillating feature begins with Joey Silvera enjoying a vacation at some secluded island resort. While there, he falls in love with delectable black beauty Angel Kelly, and after some blistering sex they decide to get married. Joey brings her home with him, only to confront the racial prejudices of his uptight family. His wealthy boyfriend John Leslie disapproves of bringing a black woman into the family, as does Leslie's stern German wife Angela Baron. Meanwhile, the family's black staff thinks that Angel's just a gold digger out with her eyes on the cash. All it takes is some searing sex to set them all straight, though. The whole thing is played at a very tongue-in-cheek level, with more than enough stellar sexual action to carry the day. Jeannie Pepper and Billy Dee engage in a steamy all-black boff in the laundry room in one great scene, while Joey takes on Angela in a white-hot shower scene. Angel finally convinces Leslie that she's not so bad by treating him to a taste of her chocolate charms. The whole thing gets really wild when Rev. Mike Horner and his wife show up for the wedding -- and an orgy ensues! A great pick for fans of interracial romping.

Hawaii Vice 2

Francois and Kascha are again sent to Hawaii where they investigate Samantha Strong and her collection of beauty pageant thieves. The state of Hawaii pays big bucks to the winners of these contents. While attending luscious island luaus, Francois and Kascha peer through telescopes and play in the Pacific while secretly observing their felonious suspects. Working with their Hawaiian operatives, Randy Spears and Jade East, they carefully cast their net over Samantha's curvacious con game and score another grand triumph for Hawaii Vice!

Catalina Five-0 - Tiger Shark

When foxy private eye Raven decides to take a little vacation, she leaves her agency in the capable hands of breasty beauty Zara Whites. Zara may not be much of a detective, but she’s always able to get to the bottom of things! She ends up in the carnal clutches of local lord Marc Wallice, trapped into watching him get down and dirty with gun moll Viviana. Meanwhile, Raven’s certainly enjoying every minute of her vivacious vacation! Whether trysting with sexy Sandra Scream or dreaming up freaky fantasies with Joey Murphy, Raven makes the most of her time away from the job! The island paradise of Catalina has never seemed as alluring as when these sex-crazed stunners are working their wanton magic!

Ensenada Pickup

Candy Samples, Rene Bond, Eve Orlon and Jill Sweete are the bodacious gals involved in this wild story about a family chartering a fishing boat for a cruise who discover that the ship's actually on a relax run. The family soon become captives in a savage and sexy seafaring saga that's sure no "Gilligan's Island." With Ric Lutze. AKA: "Three for One."

Porno Holocaust

A group of castaways wash ashore on a deserted island in this Italian sex/gore movie. They are unaware that a sex-crazed radioactive stranger is also on the island. He attacks and fucks several of the women, who die horrible deaths because his sperm is radioactive. The survivors must find a way to either escape the island or kill the stranger.

Island Of Love

Two young ladies are swept to the Island of Love via a fantasy frolic aboard an ocean cruiser. Upon their arrival they are greeted and soon swept off their feet by two fellows who show them the Island. Sara and Terri soon realize that their voyage was only the beginning of a wet dream come true. When Lewis and Larry decide to show them everything, that's exactly what they do. Sara and Terri are more than happy to return the favor. Island of Love takes the viewer along for an excursion of erotic flings that develop into moments of heart throbbing passion you'll love.

Honolulu Hard Bodies

BACCHUS. They Always Get Lei'd! It's the Hottest, Hunkiest, Horniest Hawaiian Holiday You'll Ever Take - Honolulu Hardbodies! Join a cast of insatiable Island studs as they shift each others' bodies into high gear and wet more than each others' whistles! These sizzling Sex-A-Holics are looking for man-to-man action and Hot Satisfaction! So, pull out your 'poker' and let it rip, these Honolulu Hardbodies are ready for it! HONOLULU HARD BODIES - they'll have you shooting your own volcanic load!!

Angel Of The Island

Angel, a famous pornstar from the '90s plays herself in a sexy retelling of her story as an adult actress. Set on a magical island with beautiful landscapes, this classic vintage movie treats you with some of the most gorgeous stars of their time. Fantasies, beach fucks and interracial sex with flying cumshots lead to the finale where Angel completely shines and blows everyone out of the water with her passionate performance.

Nackt Und Begehrlich

An enjoyable film mainly for fans of 1970s French porn -- and for fans of the actresses, especially the rare Annouchka (from Entrecuisses and Déculottez-vous les starlettes) and a young Dom Pat (Dominique Saint Claire) looking more like a hippie than the elegant, sophisticated lady she morphed into later. Filmed on Majorca (mentioned in early dialogue, and the scenery matches) with beautiful seascapes in the background. It's intriguing that so many later pornos were shot on Ibiza, a neighboring island in the Mediterranean, but very few I've seen were filmed on the girl island of Majorca.


Hustler’s Highest Rating!Set in an elegant cafe at an island resort- Director Gerard Damiano takes us inside the minds of the characters to examine their fantasies about each other! Each vignette is increasingly erotic- with heat generated by the thoughtful examination of interpersonal relationships! This is one of the few films that draws applause at it’s conclusion! A Masterpiece!


A wild cult classic from legendary '70s porn director Eduardo Cemano! This wild sex odyssey and fairy tale tells the story of Professor Wurtsis, who is obsessed with cross breeding strangers of different species. Research has brought him to a tropical island where he experiences the LSD-like sensation of the Fongaluli leaf and witnesses the transformation of a lobster into a gorgeous and eager young woman, then back again. Professor and lobster set out in search of the Island of Fongaluli, and their adventure leads to encounters with all manners of strange sex-starved beings including the evil Fongawitch and her orgy-practicing disciples.

Angel and Mikerner

Angel's first scene in Angel of the Island

Girls alone on an island.

Girls are stucked and alone on an island. They getrny after a while and with no boys around they have luckely their fingers and start to masturbate. A vintage one.

Phyllis davis

American actress, scenes from the films terminal island 1973 and sweet sugar 1972.