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Hot Lunch

When a country boy arrives in the Big City with nothing but starry eyes and dreams of making a success of himself, he finds that his best asset might just be the one between his legs. Jon Martin stars as the naive young man, a guy whose sexual prowess ends up getting him anything he wants out of life. His job search initially lands him in the back of a restaurant, washing dishes even as the saucy siren who runs the joint is dabbling in lesbian hi jinx right there behind the counter! Jon leaves that job soon enough, this time to try his luck at selling encyclopedias. Well, he doesn't move many volumes, but he does end up in the clinch with a buxom beauty who prefers him to his reference books. In the end, Jon finds himself working as an account executive for a publishing company -- another job that he got thanks to some tireless trysting with just the right woman. This is a fun, fast-paced flick that plays like the ultimate male fantasy. Jon can't go anywhere without being confronted by a sex-crazed beauty who'll trade anything for a few lusty moments with him. The film is filled with some of the most alluring women in 70s hardcore, all sporting their natural curves and some high powered erotic energy. With this much hot stuff on the menu, your sensual demands will never go hungry.

The Sex Team

Ready, get set, come to the wettest, wildest, most original sex competition in the world. That's right! Four, count on them, four beautiful, willing women ready to compete for the gold. They will set their bodies before hoards of men as they seduce one after the other, in this fight to the finish. Ah, those luscious bodies, battling against stiff odds, it will drive you wild. Lust is not lost on these girls, this is erotica stretched to the limits. Torrid entertainment with sensual action!


Lots of short shorts, wailing guitars and gorgeous all-natural beauties are on hand in this sizzling production from co-directors Bruce Seven and John Stagliano. The action begins when a traveling lingerie salesman picks up a leggy hitchhiker and convinces her to become her door-to-door representative. Her first customer is Ginger Lynn, who tries on a variety of lacy outfits with some sensual help from the beauteous brunette salesgirl. Their lesbian liaison turns into a torrid threesome when they're joined by a hardy stud for some bawdy bedroom antics. The plot runs away and hides right about here, as we're introduced to a slickster who enjoys passionate plunges with his luscious little maid -- he even shares her with his best buddy in a white-hot living room threesome. Meanwhile, back at the lingerie guy's office, he's delving into some delirious debauchery with his scrumptious office girl and his lithesome saleswoman. There's lots of intercut action as the flick builds to an explosive conclusion. Gorgeous young women, breathtaking lingerie and plenty of pulse-poundingly passionate action -- you can bet that these 'Teasers' do their fair share of pleasing!


Slick, Smooth Sensuality at its Best! Be among the first to witness the sensual, erotic delights of a ravishing lady shaving her succulent pubis. See gorgeous shaven women riding their lovers with an earth-shattering frenzy. "Shaved" is THAT kind of video, loaded with slick, slippery starlets who like their muffs mowed. Desiree Land and K.C. Valentine are the featured stars, which also presents a video exclusive as our horny hostess actually shaves her mound for you! Don't miss out on this sex-drenched premier!

California Valley Girls

This fast paced romp from the early 80's features some of the most alluring women of the day in some seriously sensual shenanigans. The plot revolves around a scheme cooked up by totally tubular Valley Girls Shaun Michelle & Becky Savage. They realize that there are a lot of older Valley men who will pay top dollar to spend some sensual time in the arms of a fresh-faced young cutie. They go out and recruit a foursome of fiery foxes, then set out to turn the gals into rip roaring sex machines. One of the flick's best scenes features John Holmes as the willing subject during a lesson on oral sex. Shaun shows the gals how it's done, and then each of them tries out her new found skills on the legendary stud. Once the ladies have learned their lascivious lessons, it's time for them to hit the streets and start plying their tawdry trade.

Die Schone und das Tier

Beguiling Tracy Adams is Beauty; John Leslie is the GUY. She's got a thing for hairy guys; he's got a thing for gorgeous women. Together, there's a match made in Heaven. Veteran XXX stud Paul Thomas goes behind the camera to bring you one of the most sensual, sizzling adult fairy tales to ever melt a VCR. Anything but "Grimm," Beauty and the GUY boasts the kind of high production values and sensitive eroticism that today's discriminating viewers demand. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll get aroused! And to think a movie this hot is also perfect for couples! Why, it's a fairy tale come true!

Jungle Blue

This is the story of a super human, better than Tarzan and bigger too! Filmed entirely in the heart of the Amazon jungle, Peru and Colombia, it shows the influence of the torrid climates on the bodies and minds. Evor, a handsome man, has the super-natural powers to elevate women into heights of passion never known before. Susan Alison is a beautiful, ambitious woman who is after a legendary treasure of diamonds and emeralds, which are part of the ornament of a tribe of savages in the Ucayale river (a fluent of the Amazon). She flies to Iquitos, Peru, in the company of Hank Rollins, also an adventurer after the jewels. Jane Royce, a really beautiful girl, is also in the jungle looking after her dad, a missionary lost while trying to convert the head hunters. They adventure into the jungle and meet evor. Both girls are aroused to tremendous heights of passion and, one after the other, discover sex with a super human being. Hank convinces evor to take him to the tribe in order to get to the jewels; once there, they poison the entire tribe, taking the jewels and jane as a prisoner. Evor goes to rescue them, jungle style. Susan is attacked by a poisonous snake and Hank is caught by the piranhas; Jane is saved by evor for a sensual rendezvous in paradise. Prior to this adventure, Susan and a group of Americans in Peru tried the Yassahuacca, a medicine obtained from a tree bark which is capable of bringing the group into an incredible sex orgy. This orgy and the adventures are paralleled in the story of Jungle Blue, making it a very unique adult motion

Dirty Laundry

This steamy sex video from 1988 features one of the most cliched plots in all of hardcore: a bunch of guys sit around a poker table and entertain one another with tales about their sex lives. And needless to say, we then get to see their stories in vivid detail. Okay, so they probably could have come up with a better story; they sure could not have done much better in lining up some stunning and sexually stunning women. Megan Leigh gets top billing, and she earns it with some sensual work that’s sure to have you coming back for more. And rarely seen Denise Connors shines when she is on screen as well. But once again, it is super-sexy Keisha who steals the show here, throwing her prodigious breasts into the fiery fray with the no-holds-barred attitude that made her one of the late 80’s/early 90’s top starlets. Keisha’s naturally voluptuous figure gets tossed every which way in a supremely erotic sequence that’s sure to rev your engines. A nice, straight-forward sex video that doesn’t skimp on the raw passion.

Passion Chain

Weird science! Professor Ed Hutton (Damien Cashmere) has a goal in life: to transfer the mind of one person to another. And he’s not going to let hard-nosed Dean Woodley (Nina Hartley) stop him (even if she does wear split-crotch panties). In fact, this video is just loaded with science. For instance, Billy Dee’s girlfriend invites a couple of teenagers to her place so Rio takes the Passion Chain. But unfortunately, she begins to lose her scientific detachment… and then the fun really begins. Returning to Cashmere, his experiment nears completion, and what better subject for the mind transfer than someone who’s his exact opposite: Billy Dee, the pimp? Well, the transfer is a success, and he decides to stroll around the campus and try out his new (black) body. And who should he happen upon first but Dean Woodley, who’s being pleasured by another student. The hot threesome that follows is well worth watching. Hartley continues to be one of the most sensual women in adult video today. There are a few more steamy liaisons before the big climax, where our hero tries to switch his and Dee’s minds back into their proper bodies using Elle Rio as the main link in the chain. Both Cashmere and Dee have to penetrate Rio, and the switch is supposed to take place as they reach orgasm. Are they successful (at anything besides a great sex show, that is)? Who cares? A sexvid that’s this much fun doesn’t really need a proper ending… and this one doesn’t have one.

Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit 2

If I had to pick the 1990 adult video which deserved sequels, Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit? would rank 496th on the list. This time Aja has replaced Victoria Paris as our cartoon loving heroine, and Sasha Gabor (instead of Robert Bullock) is her boyfriend who wants her to be more interested in sex than animation. He changes to a porn channel where for some reason the participants are all wearing rabbit ears. Even the shrink whom Sasha calls in has the ears on. If this is supposed to be funny, it isn't. The only good line is Sasha's when he's told by shrink Randy West to act out a scene with Aja, to which Sasha replies with a sly look: "but doctor, I'm no actor." You're telling me. Not erotic... little to recommend. It's more highly-animated and sexual sizzling as awesomely erotic superstar Aja steps into the role of Rosie Rabbit, the cartoon-crazed cutie who would rather watch than participate. This time out, she's joined in the action by exotic beauties China and the wonderful Charisma, not to mention seductive studs Sean Michaels and Marc Wallice. Aja sparkles in her starring role and gives her all in every scene. Her very wonderfully expressive face, wide-eyed expressions of innocence and firm but curvaceous body combine to make her one of the most sensual women in adult films. A real winner of a sequel, this one truly continues in the spirit of the original. This is the film for you. So what are you waiting for?

Talk Dirty to Me 4

The hot and horny mermaid from 'Talk Dirty To Me 3' returns, but this time she's brought along some of her girl mermaids to sample the salacious sins of the Big City. Unfortunately, the city water becomes poisonous to them and they must return home. Alas, buxom mermaid Vanessa D'Oro's quest for sexual gratification has led her astray. The mermaids seek out Jack, her original tutor in torrid titillation, to help them track down the wayfaring waif. Jack soon finds himself in another sensual series of encounters with both mermaids and real women. In the end, the mermaids get what's coming to them -- and then some. They might not make it back to the water, but they still manage to stay plenty wet!

Tit To Tit

This sensual film of lesbian lovemaking is like no other adult video before. No phony acting, you'll watch five well-endowed all-girl couples reveal every intimate legend of what women really want. For those who like hot girl-girl action, this film is for you. The phones rang off the hook for another Tit to Tit and after five years your requests and prayers have been answered!! BRAND NEW TO DVD, the bodacious tatas of Nilli and Jeannine, C.C. Moore and Bunny Glamazon spill cream all over each and then eat it in a spirited food orgy.

Roma Connection

Deborah Wells, is a mummy and a respectable wife who is married to an important man uses her beautiful and sensual body to obey and content the mafia boss's request to have sex with one of his low-life trash assistants. She artistically strips for him. Undressing her fabulous black dress only to uncover her golden tall soft body. She pleases him with every possible sexual positions, and finally she gets caught by her girl, who had earlier had a sexual affair with this trash mafia. Director Mario Salieri shows throughout the entire film how rich, respectable women enjoy to be treated, sexually, as trash and cheap. Each woman has a different story with the mafia. The mafia's boss (an old man) threatens the women and take them to have sex with homeless people, trashy men and criminals.

J'Ose Tout

Margo, divorced, young and beautiful is unsatisfied with her life. She needs a change, new experiences. She publishes a small ad in a newspaper for partner-swapping asking for a young woman who looks to live the same experience. A nice and sensual woman answers to her small ad. They meet and decide to make love with the husband of one of Margo’s friend. The resulting situations reach the summits of sensuality and eroticism ! Those two exciting and superb women will go to your head. Believe it!

Confessions Of A Chauffeur

The lives and loves of the rich and famous are the subjects of this fast-paced romp. The action revolves around the ribald recollections of a chauffeur, who has written a book describing his clients' various passions. This flick outlines much of what is purportedly in his book, letting audiences in one the sex-fueled mayhem that often takes place in the back seat of a stretch limo. The chauffeur works for movie star Kelly Royce, a shapely little cutie who still carries a torch for her one-time sweetheart (Buck Adams). We watch in flashback and Kelly and Buck get down and dirty in the front seat of their car, a surprisingly romantic scene that gets the action off on the right foot. The story then makes a rapid shift, following the exploits of tabloid reporter Tony Montana. He has some sort of scam that involves seducing rich women. While the scam is never made clear, we do get to watch him romp with Lauren Brice in a blistering boff. Some confused motivation and plotlines then start cropping up, but the one constant is the steamy and sensual fun. Kelly Royce delivers a sterling performance, showing that she's one frenetic ball of energy when she gets going. And Aussie beauty Sunny McKay also sizzles, delving into some passionate probing of her own in a segment sure to please fans of blonde bombshell. A nice pick for couples! "Collector's Choice!" -- X-Rated Videotape Guide III.


This movie is a sex education film that finds a way of encompassing the entire Kama Sutra guide. This classic «how to» guide formats the best way for either a videographer or persons interested in adding a little spice to there sex life on where the best places are for cum shots. This movie is comprised of the hottest porn stars of that time showing different positions that please men and women and the art of teasing and acting sensual.

Hungry Hearts

An ocean retreat is the setting for Pepper and Reevas sensual and passionate lovemaking. A stunning striptease, an unusual bath, a crackling fire. spark their torrid sex scenes. Lesbians and strippers in real life, Pepper and Reeva know how to fulfill a womans need for emotional intimacy and sexual satisfaction. Fatale Video producers and directors Debi Sundahl and Nan Kinney are the originators of lesbian erotic videos for lesbians. Hungry Hearts is about real life sexuality, as only women making erotica for women can convey.

Hottest facial retro movie with Kitty Shane and John Holmes

Palm Springs and Beverly Hills are the locations for these sensual adventures. Brilliant photography brings to life John Holmes numerous sexual escapades. His choices of beautiful women with gorgeous bodies entice the viewer into his or her fantasies of magnificent proportions. John Holmes is at his best, offering his tool for all manners of building blocks. This is probably the best of the classics offered for your viewing pleasure. Beautiful women all melt into ecstasy enjoying all that can be offered by Johnny. This film will be viewed numerous times before you view another movie with such hot action. We nominate this as the best of the classics!

Ladies Lovin' Ladies

If you love hot, nasty women with other women, then 'Ladies Loving Ladies' is what you've been waiting for. Hot dildo action, wet and juicy oral scenes, double dongs and much more! It's all here and more. See why these bad girl sluts have so much fun together. Ladies Lovin 'Ladies is the most sensual and bewitching video of its kind! Never have so many beauiful stars been joined together in a heavenly galaxy of passionate, sexy, nasty scenes of love!

Youthful Sexual Madness

Long-eye lashed, pert-titted, strawberry blonde Cyndee Summers is best known as the MILF type in the same vein as Honey Wilder and Kay Parker for her 80’s output such as “Older Women with Young Boys” and “Taboo 4”. Alpha Blue Archives has dug in their crates and are proud to produce the box set featuring Cyndee’s lost films!:“Youthful Sexual Madness” is another rare movie recovered for your personal enjoyment. All women want love and to be loved. Every woman has her own private fantasy about love. Given the chance they would take one day out of a week, a month, a year and devote it to pure sensual madness with a man whose name doesn’t really make any difference as long as the sexual vibrations are the same as hers!

With Love From Ginger

Scrumptious Ginger Lynn was one of the true superstars of porn throughout her career. She was one of the most explosive and sexually alluring women of the 80s, a blonde sex kitten who wasn't shy about leaping into the rawest sexual encounters imaginable. This tantalizing treat brings together some of Ginger's best scenes and presents them in one handy little package. There's never been another Ginger Lynn and there most likely never will be -- a woman whose tasty good looks exuded a sensual sort of innocence, yet who could delve into the nastiest, most over-the-top sex scenes with the aplomb of a born porner. There's a little bit of everything on hand here, from straight forward one-on-one encounters to full-throttle group gropes. There's even a taste of loving lesbianism for a little change of pace. Through it all, Ginger exudes sexual ardor and energy, treating each partner as if they're the most sexually alluring and enticing person on the planet. There's a reason that Ginger Lynn's name is still spoken of with reverence by all who witnessed her surge up the charts, and it's on crystal clear display in this first-rate collection. Want to know what all the fuss was about? You'll find out in this carnal compilation.

The Ultimate Kiss

If you have an oral fixation or just want to perfect your technique, The Ultimate Kiss will guide you through the ins and outs of the mouth, the most sensual part of the body! It gives love, it takes love and it makes love. In this arousing, 30 minute, how to guide, The Ultimate Kiss passionately explores the savory joys of oral lovemaking. Intimate narrations and original music accompany the soft-focus cinematography of tongues tasting, bodies writhing, and lips tugging at excited, wet flesh. The Ultimate Kiss is for men and women, apart and together. Youll learn when to kiss, where and just how hard. Follow the tongue as it circles, then lightly flicks a swollen clitoris; see it trace the outline of an erect penis. And while exploring the act of analingus, youll also learn the important medical precautions associated with anal sex. There is nothing more personal or more erotic than making love with the mouth and the tongue. Discover the ultimate in sexual rapture. Discover the ultimate kiss.

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Beautiful Fucking - The Place To Love

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