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Shaved Sinners 2

Who's that big bad wolf out in the woods? Why, its "Dirty Hairy", tricking all the pretty young girls into a depilatory dilemma, that's right, old "Hairy" just loves to collect hair the short and curly kind. And Hairy's got something the girls don't mind trading for no siree! Dirty Harry just can't get enough of that smooth shaved "Vee." So he's back collecting the pubies from more beautiful bedable babes than he can shake his big blade at! If you're in the mood for lots of hot, hairless muff, sweet, neat and ready to eat-then we've got all you'll ever want right here, right now.

Virgin Hostage

The present print of “Virgin Hostage” seems to be missing a bit of introductory material, but it starts off with a car racing away from what we soon discover was a bank robbery. Swish pans, shaky hand-held camera work and a twangy, Merseybeat soundtrack underscore the excitement. Meanwhile, two hippy chicks in short sundresses are seen walking out of a building. The girls chitchat about the upcoming weekend and, flashing forward to their “apartment,” you know, the one that always looks like a hotel room. they call a few friends and ask them to drop by later with some take-out chicken. Outside the girls’ building, the three bank robbers inspect the apparently inoperative engine of their getaway car. Toting a couple of guns and a paper sack full of money, they decide to hole up nearby. Cut to the interior of the girl’s apartment and the gangster’s rush in brandishing their rods. One of the chicks, a flabby, pasty-assed, bleached blonde, just happens to be (yuck!) nude at the moment; the other girl, a brunette (played by West Coast XXX sex siren Suzanne Fields), is immediately gagged.

Love Alpine

Males include Jacques Vinair (who plays Jerome), the man who plays a sheikh, the hotel manager (non-sex) and an extra or two. Jerome spends the winter season at a French ski resort where he works as a bellboy. Because of his natural charm and good looks, female staff and guests can hardly resist him. Just arrived at his room he eavesdrops on Flore Soller and Mika Barthel next door who explore each other in their toilet cubicle. There, Flore, who's wearing only boots and a bobble hat, dips her head into the toilet bowl. She 'resurfaces' with a big smile on her face which is totally wet. Mika, who's sitting upside down on Flore's back, bursts out laughing as she wipes her lover's face with her hand. A strange scene - even for French porn of that time. In the meantime Jerome has put on his uniform and surprises the black maid (XNK2981) in the laundry room. He takes her doggy and shoots his load on her back. Next he takes a lady (Sophie Duflot) to her room, carrying her luggage. There she removes her fur coat and reveals her naked body. She then kneels down and rewards him with a blowjob. After he has left she slides one of her heels into her spread pussy, not noticing that she's watched by Dominique St. Claire from outside through the window. Simultaneously Dominique is fucked from behind in the standing position until the guy spurts his load on the window pane to finish the scene. Jerome, who has been instructed by the director to provide him with two experienced professionals for a special guest, visits Flore and Mika who run some kind of BDSM fetish studio or health club. While Flore serves a client, Jerome fucks Mika on a stationary bicycle and deposits his sperm on her back. When he returns to the hotel he serves the guests in the restaurant where two attractive girls (Sophie Duflot and Julia Perrin) arouse his curiosity. They expect him in their room where Julia (with sun glasses) already lolls in the bath tub enyoying a hot bubble bath. He climbs in and gets spoiled orally by them till he's milked on Julia's tits. The threesome continues in bed with Julia being fucked before their faces share his load. After that he has a short scene with another maid (XNK2982) before he meets Julia at her home. They fuck in various positions including a short titfuck sequence but without a money shot. The movie finishes with an extended sex orgy at the hotel which begins with Flore, Mika and a sheikh. This is spied on by the staff and other guests who then join in.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 18

What a pretty blonde!...Lounging on the red bed with her pointy pink tongue darting and nice big casabas swaying... And this kinda ordinary-looking ’60s couple playing footsie...what is that guy with the ponytail, a stoned-aged Yuppie? Some nice-looking girls in nasty action, now: like this cute pixie-haired brunette with the bodacious build, and the cute dark-haired busty blonde...are those pencil erasers on her chest, or is she just glad to see us? Whaddya know! A short-haired ’60s guy! Pokin’ his paw in that shapely blonde’s panties, checking out her hair situation. Jeez! How did this skinny dude wind up with two busty beehive babes! There’s no justice.

50 Ways To Lick Your Lover

Here's a video to keep your eyes on since award nominations time is upon us. randy Spears gives the comedy performance of the year and his career as a wacko German scientist out of the Sid Caesar school of German accents who has invented a lipstick that's also an aphrodisiac. Before you say, "oh no, another aphrodisiac plot!" I ask you to try it. You'll like it. Screenwriter Gerard Damiano has turned in a script that will make you laugh no matter how many times you view the tape. And the girls —most of the time in lacy underthings— are nothing short of great, Rachel Ryan, one of those ladies who gets better looking every year, is at the height of her attractiveness and sex appeal here. She's also no slouch delivering a comedy line, either. In the raving beauty department there is redhead Veronica Doll who is so good looking it should be wrong. Stores: stock up on this one as it should prove to be a big renter. Hot, funny and sexy —a fine combination.

Golden Girls

Imagine a beauty contest where the contestants aren't judged only for their magnificent faces and figures but foremost on their ability to excel at sex! And imagine being one of the judges in this program, who has the exciting task of interviewing the girls privately and intimately. Every girl in Miss Fantasy is an incredible beauty. It's more than an adult classic, it is the most exciting, wildest collection of deeply satisfying sexual encounters ever filmed. Nothing short of fantastic!

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 37

Girls! girls! girls! from the ’60s pose just for you (and me), starting with the relaxy blonde cutie who gets intimate with her "Love" pillow, and the pixie-cut brunette who lovingly removes her tights and licks a phallic candle. Later, a dark-haired doll hikes her beige slip to reveal Peter Max panties and a shape that would max out any peter, while a short-haired blonde lounges on a couch, showing off her shapely tanned bod. And that blonde in (and out) of the sundress - those lips! those eyes! those boobs! And what an assembly of amazing brunettes...this one removing fishnet panty hose...that one lounging back to provide an in-depth look at her personality.. .a gloriously trashy one preening in (and out) of her lingerie...a Cher-like space queen posing before a psychedelic painting. But the standout is the cute busty brunette in the green hose — wow!

Black For More

Julian St. Jox is a successful lawyer and tavern owner, or so he tells us. But he acts more like a pimp, and his bar is always closed. Julian welcomes pals Sean Michaels and Eric Stone to his closed tavern, where all partake of the women Julian keeps around — Nicole London, Micki Lynn and Debi Diamond. But Julian treats tbe girls like sex objects and they leave him. Sean Michaels tells Julian that he should get back with his wife, as the little morality play ends. It's an interesting tale, but a lot of Cash Markman's dialogue doesn't seem to ring true. Most of the videos of black life directed by Michaels are usually more realistic in speech and tone. The sex likewise is erratic. There's some cross-cutting between Michaels/Lynn, St. Jox/Diamond and Stone/London which viewers could find disconcerting. Also, the Nicole London/Micki Lynn lesbian scene is unexpectedly cut short. There are tons of interracial videos out there, and while I wouldn't term this one bad, it certainly isn't great.

Taxi Girls 2

Tell Us Where She Is and We Will Let You Cum These girls know the intimate details of the taxi business. That's how they're seducing fares away from the local cabbies of L.A. In retribution, the cabbies take one of the girls. So, what are hot, sultry taxi girls to do? Why, call on their nymphet French Connection of course. Watch as these ladies cum all over town fucking and sucking everyone until they find their missing friend.

Miss Fantasy

Imagine a beauty contest where the contestants aren't judged only for their magnificent faces and figures but foremost on their ability to excel at sex! And imagine being one of the judges in this program, who has the exciting task of interviewing the girls privately and intimately. Every girl in Miss Fantasy is an incredible beauty. It's more than an adult classic, it is the most exciting, wildest collection of deeply satisfying sexual encounters ever filmed. Nothing short of fantastic!

Breakfast With Tiffany

Krystina King is a madam who runs the swankest out-call call girl service in L.A. Her clientele is as up-scale as up-scale gets, and her girls are all nothing short of gorgeous. And for those extra special clients who demand the very, very best, Krystina is always willing to make house calls. We get to see Krystina and her girls do their thing here, and the action is all lava-hot. First Tom Byron calls up looking for something hot and spicy, and gets Stacy Nichols, and they romp and rumble through some hell-fire mattress-pounding action. Look too for Buck Adams to tie into Tracey Adams for some hell-fire for-pay foreplay followed by some rafter-rattling coital action. And then there’s Krystina King’s must-see tussle with Wayne Summers, during which she proves why she’s the boss. A must-see treat starring some of the early-’90s biggest stars.

Part-Time Stewardess

What do horny stewardesses do when they're not flying the wild blue yonder? Well, it they're like Rachel and Beverly, they sit around the pool and invite some equally horny studs to the pad for a wet time in the pool and a hot time in the sack. Rachel is a stacked blonde with boobs out to here and she likes to show off her fabulous body in a tight-fitting blue, one piece bathing suit as she suns herself. When a handsome young guy peeps over the wall at her, he can't resist climbing into the patio and going for a fast feel of her goodies. Being a playful lady, she promptly boots him into the water. But the water is no place to get the kind if wetness they both crave, so this part-time stewardess and all time horny female takes him inside to the bedroom. When she pulls off her bathing suit to reveal her lovely figure in all its naked glory, he can't keep his hands and mouth from her already-tingling erogenous zones. Eager to get to the nitty gritty herself, Rachel removes the stud's bathing trunks to expose just what she knew was hidden there - an object of desire that makes her mouth water and her loins quiver with pleasant anticipation. Returning to her sunbathing, this popular lass is visited by two young hunks, who swim in her pool to get cool and wallow in her bed to get hot. What follows is a three-way that almost sets her mattress on fire. Her roomie Beverly is a short-haired perky blonde who finds herself two guys to fool around with. The guys don't even bother with the pool. They take Bev into the house, undress her, and engage her in an assortment of positions that results in everyone having a good time. Beverly has a flight to catch, but she manages to work in a girl-to-girl couch session with her roommate Rachel that proves two girls can stay on the ground and still fly united!

Pornographie Sur Rendez Vous

Béryl (a model) is unhappily married to Gaston, who is older than her and writes down his fantasies in some sort of diary. She would like to get rid of him but refuses to divorce. Her lover, Frank, has an idea - why not have him die of a heart attack as he has a heart condition. In order to achieve this she could use the services of a call girl agency. Beryl is reluctant, but soon discovers that Frank has settled everything without her consent. (A short-haired blonde and a brunette will thank him for the contract in their very physical way.) Three girls will come to Béryl's husband on his birthday when she will be away. The first one to turn up is introduced as Corinne who is supposed to have been hired by Béryl to type Gaston's literature (fantasy scenes involving his former wife Chantal). The second one - a beautiful plump bonde - pops in as a camper drawn to his house by a storm. The third one introduces herself as Eva Monnier, a photographer friend of Béryl's. All three girls act out the man's fantasies (as told by his off-screen voice) until he dies in his stairway as they are masturbating in front of him. Meanwhile, as Frank shows too little interest in her, Béryl decides she will take her revenge on him (yet Diane Dubois' scene where she's dressed in black leather is her best to me). After her husband's death, Béryl learns that she won't inherit from him as he was still married to his first wife, Chantal (unfortunately unseen in the film!) and that they had had a guy called Frank. Her very Frank who, now that he has come into his dad's money, walks out on her. Obviously he had been planning this from the beginning of his affair with her. Béryl gets a gun and shoots him.

Beverly Hills Seduction

Everyone loves Raymond, but everyone dislikes Charlie. He has a fortune from his run in the oil industry and everyone wants to knock him off and seize the money. The only thing standing between him and the gold-diggers is a short, plucky cop. Will the cop get his man (hopefully his women), or will Charlie bite the big one, and we're not talking about a girls crotch!

Slippin In Through The Outdoor

We pick up right where we left off in American Tushy.Morgan is about to have sex on camera for the very first time. However, she didnt plan on Hakan being at my house, and neither did Ron for that matter! After a short adjustment period, Morgan found plenty of ways to accommodate both men! Next, the beautiful Taylor is back and shes brought a friend. First, its Taylor and Tom doing the anal thing in my bedroom. Then its Taylor, Gina and Tom going at it in my bathroom! Next, Im awakened at 3:00 A.M. to find Taylor and Gina in action right outside my front door.- Seymore ButtsEvery guy needs friends like Taylor Hayes. See her bring guest after guest back to Seymores for some of the most intense f**king ever. Deep-throating, anal sex, beautiful girls, real squirting orgasms, ass-licking, double penetration... this ones got it all!

Big Tit Superstars Of the 80's - Ebony Ayes Collection

A black hard body with huge big nippled tits and a jiggly ass, Ebony Ayes was a sight for sore eyes in the 80's porn sea of short haired white girls in leotards. See luscious Ebony strap on studs both black and white, work her erect clit to a feverish climax, and enjoy unhinged sensuality in full on orgies. Also features big tit goddess Keisha!

retro fucking 003

Retro gang-bang 2 sexy 1970s girls 1 male, nylons and sexy lingerie at its best, Danish type short movie

Askin Kanunu

Sam is an author. His publisher wants him to write an erotic book. Unfortunately he has no imagination. To get some stimulation he watches a porn video together with his wife Agnes. Agnes's girlfriend Francoise joins them and describes an amorous adventure she has experienced recently: A young man stands in front of her while she's sitting on a bed reading a book. He undresses his pants and starts wanking. Turned on by him she stimulates herself. He can't stand it any longer and ejaculates on her pussy and her leg. Sexed-up by the story Sam, Agnes and Francoise participate in a threesome. To get some more ideas they decide to install a turntable bed in their flat which they view through a two-way mirror. Francoise inaugurates their private peepshow first. 'Live on stage' she has sex with a busty black girl. While Sam watches them through a window he gets a blowjob from Agnes. Next Agnes and Francoise change places. Agnes gets banged by two male guests and Francoise satisfies Sam orally. Lesbian sex and another threesome follow. In a very short sequence Agnes gives two guys a blowjob. A new girl (Cathy Menard) appears. She has sex with Francoise joined by Agnes and Sam later on. After having a good relax they continue. Sam stands beside the plate which turns round slowly. Kneeling on the plate the three girls suck his cock in turn. Really hot scene! When Francoise and Agnes entertain a new guest the black girl returns. Accompanied by Sam she joins the others. Acquiring a taste for it she serves two male guests in the last scene. One of them cums on her back while the other one jerks off on her shoulder. A rather amusing never boring movie including four beautiful actresses and a lot of varied action.

Les Grandes Vicieuses

A very pretty brunette comes home, she comes from her horse riding course. She looks in the mirror, undresses and caresses with her whip (an unbearable scene). Then the film takes us in a debauchery with men who are sodomized by utensils by women in boots in black leather. A huge orgy proving that the French X is not short in beautiful girls and in imagination. But this we knew


Five unrelated short stories add up to some scorching action in this all-star collection. First, a gorgeous ladie gang leader commands a crew of six thugs who service her every wicked need. Then an insatiable hillbilly girl nearly boinks her strangers to death. Then a married woman and her lover are enjoying themselves in her bedroom before they get interrupted by her hubby. Later, two girls end up in bed with each other's husbands, and they seem to enjoy the confusion. Finally, distraught Samantha Fox drowns herself but returns from her watery grave to continue her sexual adventures.This classic sex film offers five amusing short stories, all guaranteed to get your stroke on! For openers, a hot gangster babe gets a gang of hoods to service her on command, and in every orifice!The next scene is based on O. Henry's "Ransom of Red Chief," with an insatiable, sassy hillbilly girl who nearly screws her depraved strangers to death!Then a super-hot cheating wife and her lover start screwing, just

Cicciolina Packt Aus

In the Beate Uhse release 'Dano Donato' is credited and could refer to Rocco Siffredi, but Peter North is also credited and he does not appear. Female credits are Ilona Staller, Josephine Moon and Gjilian Shell. The male and female credited names do not add up to the total number of participants of all gender categories in any case. Amori Particolari transessuali is a superb movie with outstanding performances. This title includes everything from anal, DP and group orgies to some brief action, creamy facials and quite unusual shemale sex. Cicciolina is a writer (creator of comic books?) whose books don't sell well anymore. Her publisher (Roberto Malone) requests her to write some erotica. She requires some visual aids which are given to her by Miss Pomodoro sucking him in his office. Now Cicciolina becomes active. She kneels down with her tongue flicking over the tip of his fleshy cock. The two girls continue for a while before Cicciolina turns around and he sinks his dick right into her asshole. When he's ready to cum he unloads in Cicciolina's mouth and she shares the juice with Miss Pomodoro. Encouraged by her good start, she goes to visit Rocco. While she does some drawings she starts thinking of sex with him. In her imagination he caresses her with his tongue and an inverted screwdriver. After a short bj he takes her in the standing position and finishes the scene with a nice facial. Malone seems to be in a good mood and throws a party in which five girls and Rocco are involved. A black cutie with huge boobs (the American Ebony Ayes) licks a redhead whose tits are also enormous. Cicciolina tries to take two cocks into her mouth and we see Malone fucking Miss Pomodoro in cowgirl position on a sofa. In the end four girls are lying on the ground with their faces close together. Malone and Siffredi then spurt their spunky loads all over them. In the next scene Cicciolina gets surprised by a burglar. He points a pistol to her head and takes his cock into her mouth. Like every fearless porngirl she seems to fancy blowing burglars and he is allowed to drop a small load on her lips and chin. Meanwhile Malone continues his orgy. Sitting in a huge bath tub with a cigar between his lips he is spoiled by the black girl and the redhead. The black cutie is taken from behind

Heisse Spiele im Pensionat

Stories which take place in girl's colleges were quite popular in the French porn films of the seventies and early eighties. The story here is mostly very similar to all the others. Schoolgirls try to seduce their teachers who can't resist for long.The college is located in peaceful countryside among small villages and green meadows. The class consists of about 15 attractive young girls but unfortunately only four of them are involved in real hardcore action. Most scenes are pretty short with a lot of piano music. Celine Gallone plays the leading part. She's not only debauching the male characters but has also a love affair with her fellow female student, a tall blackhaired cutie.Things get out of control when the first male pupil arrives and the girls become rivals. Celine's girlfriend then falls in love with her gym teacher (Jean-Pierre Armand), but after she spies on him screwing Celine she runs into a car and dies. In the end the school is closed because of financial problems and everyone goes his own way.Sex action starts at night in the dorm with the two cuties caressing each other. This culminates in some pussylicking and dildo fun. On the next day the young goodlooking newcomer named Patrick arrives. Before this his girl (Lucie Doll) gives the gymteacher a quick outdoor blowjob.Celine takes the opportunity to guide the boy through the building. In the bathroom they take a break for a short but intensive ride. She pulls out and jerks him off on her belly.The female teacher (Dominique St. Claire) catches them at it and asks him to come to her office. We do not see his face because he's now wearing a gorilla costume (???!!!) and penetrates her with some kind of rubber penis.Meanwhile a redhead and Celine's girlfriend give head to the old cook named Ton-Ton (or something like that). After a short while they stroke him off. The horny gym teacher and Celine meet in the bathroom. He takes her from behind until her back gets covered with cum.Next we find Dominique lying naked in the meadow

The Young Twins

In the mid 1970's some lucky porn producer chanced upon two slender teenage girls who were interested in doing adult film work. Not only did they have the looks and a bit of acting talent, they happened to be girls. TWIN girls. IDENTICAL twin girls. Who would do ANYTHING together. After making sure he was not dreaming, he went about documenting all he could, and the rest is history. For a few short years, Brooke and Taylor sucked cock, got fucked, and ate pussy in a handful of films, including starring roles in tailor made fetish productions. This DVD documents all of the legendary moments captured during that all too short alignment of the stars.

Reseau Baise

The film begins in a restaurant with Laura Valry at the bar. A young woman seated with an elderly man. She gets a phone call asking her to go to the toilets downstairs. There she meets a man who remains unidentified and with whom she has sex. J-P Armand and Alain L'Yle are seating in front of a caf. JPA gets a phone call from a woman's voice who knows about his scene with the girl in the toilets the day before and wants to play cat and mouse with him. She invites him to meet her in a cinema. They enter the dark room and meet a girl on her own. Things quickly get to a torrid threesome with a few helping and caressing hands from three elderly men of the audience while a porn movie is being shown. Torrid scene involving a woman seen several times in other A. Payet films. A very pretty girl [Marie Noelly] gets a phone call from the same female voice telling her about the coming of a man. She is supposed to know how to deal with this ... Enter JPA and A. L'Yle. The girl after a short hesitation submits to their wildest desires and eventually comes while being dp'd. Another phone call for our two heroes. This time they are invited to a garage at night where they meet Melody Kiss. She's at first quite awkward, as A. L'Yle notices but eventually swallows all the two friends have to give. The scene ends on her laughing for their not turning their headlights out leaves them without any power from the battery. Coming home on foot they have a little discussion and JPA decides he needs something to eat. Next scene takes place inside a bakery. The landlady and her shop assistant Marie go to the basement and soon have fun together. Our two glorious heroes enter the shop and, alerted by some sweet sound coming from downstairs, join them for a threesome. Our two heroes decide to part and we follow A. L'Yle to some sort of a Club where he is introduced to a young woman by Frank Balard. The girl is a prostitute who quickly takes him in hand and mouth. After she has put a condom on him he comes into her and goes away. Then the usual pervert in so many A. Payet films comes, spreads the content of the condom on her and she very noisily masturbates in front of him. Jean-Pierre Armand is seated at a bar. Next to him, Laura Valry is discussing with a lovely woman. Jean-Pierre Armand recognizes her voice: She's the girl on the phone who's been dragging him from girl to girl. She tells him that they were at school together and that he did not pay attention to her and other classmates at the time because he had a love affair with another girl. She lets him know that now, he has met all the girls of that class in the flesh. They laugh and go out to a staircase where they make it and he comes on her breast.

More Dirty Debutantes 28

Isis Nile, the rising star and temptress of the 90's, made her first stop at Ed's place, way before she ever picked up a script. Vowing to never ever be entered from the rear, she returns to Ed out of a curiosity she never thought she would have, her first Anal experience. Isis breaks her vow. A lovely red head, down below. Cody Foster makes her debut, front and rear, with good old Ed. She's driven to an anal orgasm that must be seen. Tanya made it to Ed's place first as well giving the back entrance to Ed in a hard pounding climax. The lovely Asian Tricia Yen, calling herself Mimi, mixes it up with Ed, than a friend. The adult industry as some talent rising from Ed's bed. In the spirit of giving, five girls pop up in the 'lost Episode Quickies'. Four short never-before-shown scenes featuring, Keekie, Fantasia, Devon, Shawnee Cates and Tako. This volume has variety, boobs bounding, Butts bouncing and first-time experiences that Ed Powers loves to present. Enjoy! More Dirty Debutantes # 28 is here.

I Like the Girls Who Do

Johnny has been left a hefty inheritance from his recently deceased uncle – an infamous ladies’ man. But there is a unique stipulation standing in the way of its collection. The sexually inexperienced Johnny has seven days to bed the last seven women that his uncle had seduced. All of them are young, lusty and insatiable beauties who gladly obey the uncle’s dying request and show Johnny all there is to know about around-the-clock lovemaking and more! But as Johnny’s triumphs and pleasures mount from girls one through six, he discovers that his seventh and final conquest – the most luscious vixen of all – may be a little harder to achieve. Will Johnny fulfill his uncle’s wish and secure untold financial and sexual rewards beyond his wildest dreams? Or will his bedcount fall one short?

Bucky Beaver's Stags Loops And Peeps #037

Girls! girls! girls! from the �60s pose just for you (and me), starting with the sleepy blonde cutie who gets intimate with her Love pillow, and the pixie-cut brunette who lovingly removes her tights and licks a phallic candle.Later, a dark-haired doll hikes her beige slip to reveal Peter Max panties and a shape that would max out any peter, while a short-haired blonde lounges on a couch, showing off her shapely tanned bod. And that blonde in (and out) of the sundress - those lips! those eyes! those boobs!And what an assembly of amazing brunettes...this one removing fishnet panty hose...that one lounging back to provide an in-depth look at her personality.. .a gloriously trashy one preening in (and out) of her lingerie...a Cher-like space queen posing before a psychedelic painting. But the standout is the cute busty brunette in the green hose - wow!

Hot Body Special: Micro Miniskirts & Less

Micro Miniskirts & Less. In other words, we start with the smallest skirts imaginable. In this Hot Body Special: A double helping ofCovergirl Sydney Moon starts and finishes this show. Susanna Snyder, Jasmine & Tyler Lynn take their skirts off by the pool so they won't get wet.Alex & Brook Bradford pose on the steps so there is no straining to peek up their short, little skirts. Waterfall scenes of Kali and Carolyn Monroe will takeyour breath away. Finally, Cassandra Knight & Victoria Knight (no relation other than in the gorgeous department) hang out, in skirts that conceal absolutelynothing. 10 Stunning Models in Miniskirts where no hemline is too short and no skirt stays on too long. Hot Body International presentsthis tribute to the miniskirt,a favorite of men and women both since its introduction in the 1960s. Hot Body trots out 10 of the world famous models, including Sydney Moon and Carolyn Monroe,in some amazingly short skirts, which each model slowly works herself out of. For these girls, there is no skirt too short, nor any pool too cold, to plunge themselves in and out of

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