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Just Married

Newly Married, Veronique and Dieter ring before the first Jungfernfick with wedding ring the great confession and let her premarital driving reminisce. As it turns out quickly, both have not enjoyed their previous sex life in the form of a sleeping pill, but in sexten gear with upper Boost: Veronique with furious arse and pussy fucks plus almost orchestral bubbles even the most hard mast is soft ridden (and cosmic horny sucked off ... ): Dieters unrestrained happenings are about his fiery wife in anything! - Experience an orgiastic trip through the world empire of voluptuousness ... For the finale, when the sparkle of champagne invites you to carouse in the foaming pussy, this will be our opinion: 'This marriage injected - sorry - lasts forever!'

Revenge of the Pussy Suckers From Mars

They are taking out the planet. They have to find the perfect man to clone in order to take over the world. The mars women Shelby Stevens and Misty Rain have the lesbian encounter on their outer space ship in the first scene. Directed by Anthony Spinelli and released in 1994, these 'Pussy Suckers From Mars', are long and luscious, sexual healers from another galaxy.

Sex Flower

A stripper slowly works out that her sugar daddy is an even badder rascal than he appears to be. Around the same time, he begins to question her loyalty, especially when he discovers she has an ABC boyfriend.

Lemon Popsicle

Bentzi, Momo, and Yuda’leh are three teenage boys growing up in 1950’s Israel, which is not much different from 1950’s America if you believe what you see in the film. Of course they are obsessed with one thing – sex. Bentzi is interested in the beautiful Nili, but she prefers his friend Momo. Meanwhile, while Bentzi is working delivering ice to people he comes across a voluptous nympho. For some reason he leaves his job and gets his friends, who are promptly invited inside and divested of their virginity in an explicit softcore sex scene. Momo goes first, then the obese Yuda’leh. Before Bentzi can have his turn the nypho’s sailor boyfriend suddenly returns from the sea and chases the boys away, Yuda’leh being forced to run away naked. The boys next visit a prostitute and are serviced by her in turn. With all this experience under his belt Momo seduces Nili and impregnates her. He disowns her when she makes this known to him, leaving it to …

Nasty Dancing

As far as I understand this is a real rare film judging by what I can gather on the forum and from doing general searches, it was not released on DVD and in general falls into the same category as other Leisure Time films such as, 'Prince Of Beverly Hills', that unless you purchased the 80's video at some point while still possible, came across it or got it from a friend, you would not have the chance to see it any other way.: IAFD list Ron Jeremy as the director but the opening credits say, ' a film by Marc Curtis' and nothing about Ron Jeremy being director, I previously submitted most of the information for the film on IAFD (as I did for a lot of my uploads) and I have just submitted a correction to the site suggesting that Ron Jeremy is credited as Marc Curtis, it certainly does seem like his style of film, general humour and rabid style sex direction.: There is some funny moments in the film including the dance routine by Rocky DeLorenzo and Krista Lane which is incredibly 80's daggy and provides ample reasoning for why black people started to make fun of white people's inability to dance, it's very similiar to Fallon's dance in Prince of Beverly Hills which for the record is probably also directed by Ron Jeremy as Marc Curtis. The picture is bad enough to make the people in the background a blur but when they close in on them you'll notice a few familiar industry faces of the time like Joe Elliot. Ray Victory also does a similiar dance routine to the one he did in Prince and he is certainly in fine sexual form with Dana Lynn and Bella Donna.

Casting Couch

Ron Jeremy made his directorial debut with this fast paced and fun little sexvid. Ron stars as a lascivious loser who just can’t seem to ever make it with the ladies. In desperation, he hits on the idea of pretending to be a movie producer. He then puts out feelers to local agents, telling them to send over their prettiest young actresses to ‘try out’ for roles in his imaginary film project. One by one, a series of sultry seductresses sashay into his fake office, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to win him over. Suddenly, Ron’s having to fight the women off as they bend over backwards to please. ‘Casting Couch’ is Ron Jeremy at his best — filled with wacky one-liners and comedic episodes, while also maintaining a tremendously sexy vibe. He’s perfect for the role, delivering his puns and bon-mots with aplomb and treating the women to some passionate probing. He’s also come up with a killer cast, full of some of the 80s’ hottest women. Legendary performers like Joanna Storm, Sue Nero and Sharon Kane do their bawdy best to make sure that there’s never a dull moment on this particular casting couch. Fast-paced fun from one of the all-time masters of adult film making!


“Misty” is another rare erotic 1975 film from Sarno. A well-chosen cast of mostly adult film stars, including Rebecca (“The Image”) Brooke, Eric Edwards, Jennifer Welles, Jamie Gillis, Chris Jordan, Fred (“Last House on the Left”) Lincoln, and Sara Nicholson (who may have been on some ’70’s t.v. programs under another name), proves they can act as well as take off their clothes. While Jennifer Welles gets star billing, her role is actually supporting and she appears in only about one-third of the 106 minute running time. The real star is Rebecca Brooke, who made “Little Girl, Big Tease” and two to three other Sarno films in and around 1975. The titular character, Misty is a young woman who ends up in a seaside town during a rainstorm, claiming to be searching for her mother, and she is often scared, sad, humorous, wise, and lascivious without being trashy or unwelcome, and Brooke manages to convey all of these emotions, mostly with her facial expressions, and her stunning looks are downplayed for the most part here. She truly shows an interest in the role she plays, and her performance in a scene on a beach between her and Edwards — full of Sarno dialogue but no nudity or sex — is worthy of the highest critical praise. The film is overlong and contains almost no background music, but this film will appeal mostly to Sarno fans anyway, as it is a virtual remake of Sarno’s 1970 “The Young Erotic Fanny Hill” only this production is more polished. The version under review is softcore, and the film appears to have been shot softcore.

Urlaubsreport – Woruber Reiseleiter nicht sprechen durfen

Employees of a travel agency report about men and women who pass their holiday time just by sexual amusement, which is demostrated overly detailed and commented on.

Eve’s Beach Fantasy

When straight A student Eve is asked to housesit a tropical mansion, her naughty fantasies become reality for the first time. As the sun beats down, Eve bares all for her voyeuristic neighbors, frisky friends and one seductive photographer. Sun, surf and sexy babes! See Eve let loose and fulfill all her inner desires.

Historias Que Nossas Babas Nao Contavam

Once upon a time there was a conceited and unfaithful Queen that frequently consults her magic mirror to learn if there is anyone prettier than she. When her husband the King passes away, the Queen believes that her lover the Prince will marry her. However, the Prince meets the virgin Clara das Neves and shags her in the woods; then he tells the Queen that he wants to marry her stepdaughter. The jealous Queen hires the Hunter to shag Clara das Neves and execute her. However he lets her go and Clara das Neves meets the seven dwarfs and she moves to their house. Only the dwarf Nervous, who is gay, does not have sex with Clara das Neves. The six dwarfs and Clara das Neves are happy with their lives; when the Prince finds Clara das Neves, she prefers to stay with the six dwarfs, but the Prince brings Nervous with him in his horse.

Thriller – en grym film

Frigga lives with her parents on their farm. Unable to speak after being horrifically abused by an elderly man when she was young, her parents spend the majority of their money on speech therapy classes for their daughter in the hope that one day, she will speak again. One day, Frigga misses the bus to get to her speech therapy class. She accepts a ride off a suave looking gentlemen named Tony who pulls up beside her. Once they are in town, he takes her for a meal. Afterwards, he takes Frigga back to what appears to be his bachelor pad. He gives her wine that has probably been drugged, as she passes out after drinking it. The man then takes no time in bringing a crooked doctor in to get her fixed on high class heroin. After announcing to Frigga that she is now dependent on heroin and cannot last more than 48 hours without it, she must work as a prostitute for him. Frigga, obviously not thrilled by this news…

Code Name: Raw-Hide

Frank and Barny are agents of the PBI – Pornographic Bureau of Investigation, sent by Chief Rank, Head of Vice, L.A. District, to go down on the dirty crime spots of Hollywood. Mousie’s Hot Shoppe is an adult bookstore where the owner is as much titillated as his customers by the material on sale. The agents are surprised to uncover that Mousie knows Chief Rank all too well, but it comes handy as he is willing to be an informer. So, the agents “discover” the Travelling House of Pleasure, a door-to-door delivery service of of Eastern Delights, the Good Time girls. The agents move next against the Nature Film business where a shady film director operates. Barny dresses as a woman for a casting session, and his act is too convincing for the lusty Director. Frank and Barny enter the dark Porny Theater easy, for the ten dollar admission fee; there is each man for himself, in a see of pleasure sources. Finally, it comes down to a battle of the sexes, when Barny fights off the advances of …

Groper Train: Wedding Capriccio

The world’s greatest detective, Kuroda, is right back and this time employed by a politico to discover his estranged daughter. When the daughter is discovered dead, the mystery deepens. Meanwhile, Kuroda’s assistant attempts to stop her organized wedding to a hick by shacking-up with a musician whom writes symphonies on his calculator — whenever he’s not groping females on the Tokyo trains!


An anthology film crafted from three stories from The Bible: First story is, of course, Adam & Eve. A nude Adam (Bo White) crawls and swims through odd rock formations and eventually ends up on a beach. Eve eventually emerges from the sea and the two have sex. Next is the story of Bathsheba (Georgina Spelvin) and Uriah. Bathsheba, feeling ignored by her husband Uriah (Robert Benes) seeks the company of peeping tom David (John Horn). And last, Samson and Delilah: When Samson (Brahm van Zetten) murders one of Delilah’s (Gloria Grant) dwarf friends, she vows revenge.

Prelude to Love

A modeling agency provides the perfect setting for many romantic skirmishes between the man and woman who share its inheritance. At first the two despise each other, but soon it becomes apparent that the fine line between love and hate is about to be crossed.

Classic Big Tits

Classic and vintage film footage from the 1950's. Take a trip in a time machine to the land of yesteryear, where the ladies were voluptuous and big breasted. There's nothing fake here, only huge tits in black and white, which will have you yearning for a time gone by of all natural beauty!

La minorenne

Suffocated from the strict atmosphere of her high school, Valeria has been experiencing erotic dreams. After leaving school she finds out that her bourgeois family setting has something to do with her recurring dreams and suppressed desires. She idealistically seeks out romance and love, but falls short time and time again.

Swinging Couples 2

These couples are excited to enter the erotic world of swapping. The girls are at first apprehensive about being with other girls, but their curiosity gets the best of them. They strip each other naked and go to town on their pussies!

Contes Immoraux

The film is separated into four stories. The first story involves Andre (Fabrice Luchini) who takes his teenage cousin (played by Lise Danvers) to the beach to perform fellatio on him in tune to the waves of the incoming tide. The second story is titled Therese Philosophe and involves a teenage country girl (Charlotte Alexandra) who intermingles sexual desires in her imagination with her dedication to Christ after being locked in her room. The third story features Elizabeth Bathory (Paloma Picasso) as a countess who murders young girls in order to gain eternal youth by bathing in their blood. The final story involves the daughter of Pope Alexander VI, Lucrezia Borgia (Florence Bellamy), having sex with her male relatives

Primary Pleasures

This is a story about 80's politicians. These local members of the city council have sex lives that are more demanding than public office. First we see councilman Mr Norris with political hopeful Susan Warren, they meet in his cozy love nest in the burrough of Queens. He sucks on her and she returns the favor. The councilman takes her missionary and then finishes the scene, taking her from behind and exploding on her ass. Then we meet Francisco, and he and Susan try out the love nest in a very hot scene. Susan rides his face like there's no tomorrow and Francisco manages to lick her ass a few times as well. Susan rides him hard and he creams all over her. The janitor from the building then shows another political candidate the love nest. Her name is Miss Geraldine Taylor and she is a hottie. The janitor is seduced by her and her uncontrollable sexual appetite. This is a raw scene of unbridled passion, complete with all the dirty talk, like 'suck my clit!' Susan then confronts the janitor about him fucking and sucking Miss Taylor, Susan tells him that she will call the police. She says that if he doesn't lick her pussy then he will go to jail for years. Th threat obviously works, because they have hardcore intercourse. We then find Miss Taylor and Francisco involved in the grand final, a serious scene of sucking, licking, fingering and fucking. They perform a very intense 69 with Francisco's inserting his finger into her ass as a bonus. He then rams her doggie and ends up massaging her buttocks with his hot man lotion.

Kinky Classics #2

Shelly Culligan might look like your typical 40s housewife, but there is one thing that is definitely not typical with this amateur - she's sneaking around to put her sexual exploits on camera. Video cameras were a pretty new thing back then, so it's especially risque that she wants to do something like that. Her stocking covered legs get spread open, and her head goes back as Clyde Tidwell starts to work his fingers deep inside of her hairy pussy. She loves getting all of that attention, especially when it's captured for all time.Even in the older days of porn there is nothing a woman likes more than too have a young inexperienced tart to teach the ropes too. The buxom blonde poses the brunette then strips her out of her bra and panties, the brunette is shy and holds her arms over her tits, trying to keep her knees together without success. The more she squirms away from her the more the blonde gets turned on, exerting her dominance over the young slut. When she finds her button, the brunette stops trying to get away and starts to enjoy the sensations of having her twat eaten.In the age of woman being full covered from head to toe, showing as little skin as possible these Southern Belles would be considered ladies in public, but what happens behind closed doors is another matter. They have naked man servants to wait on the them hand and foot and provide for their every comfort. They give new meaning to the term whiskey dick, when she pours her beverage all over his shaft, only to lick and suck it clean again. Finally letting him touch her she lays back to enjoy all that he has to offer.Bobby Ferrin is on a hot date with Rhea Price and just like it was way back when he nails her in the backseat of his car. Her hairy pussy is spread open and he eats that shit like it's his job while stroking his own knob. Rhea takes his cock in her mouth and gives him a slow blowjob while she's still having her snatch fingered by this gentleman. They get a good fuck going and we get a couple views, one from the backseat and one through the windshield, hell they might even be at the drive-in just like it was in the old days. He finishes her off while she's sitting on his face with her hair-pie.

New Ends 2

Anisa and Ed continue their Pro-Am series introducing new faces experiencing their on camera first time backdoor experience. This Volume is kicked off with a stiff thumping D.P. involving Ed and Jake with Anisa.

The Electric Lady

Randy - The Electric Lady is a highly enjoyable sci-fi comedy with the requisite evil doctor who is out to rule the world, this time through 'orgasmine' a substance secreted by Desiree Cousteau upon climax.

Sogni erotici di Cleopatra

Caesar brings the Egyptian queen in Rome, but their passion for a long time to cool. Preparing a conspiracy against Caesar and Cleopatra dream the same dream: her former lover killed close associates. Its high priest said that the dream of prophecy and can not stop the march of events. The queen sends his messengers to Caesar, knowing that two fatal wounds are inflicted by Brutus.

Devil's Ecstasy

Cindy (Cindee Summers) is at college when she learns of the passing of her mother, who had been institutionalized for many years. She must return to the home of her birth to claim her inheritance, which includes the mansion and grounds. Before leaving she mets with Arthur(Arthur Hendricks), the family lawyer, who tells her something of the family history, which is shrouded in mystery. Arthur also proposes to her, as she will now need someone to look after things; she pleasantly refuses. Arthur tells her that the mansion has been maintained for some time by her aunt, Meredith (Meredith Raye)– who has a bit of an odd reputation: The townspeople think her a witch! That night Cindy sleeps very little, as she will not see her boyfriend, Rick for some time. He cautions her to be careful, as he doesn’t trust Arthur; she is to call him as soon as she can. Cindy is greeted warmly by Aunt Meredith, but the coffee is drugged, and Cindy soon learns that Meredith is indeed a witch, and Cindy is to be inducted into the cult, which practices an interesting form of sexual black magic. Cindy is initiated, and because of the drug, she enjoys the experience.

Fury disco

Story In the family Choiseul, the husband, Jean-Franзois, a compositor, is spending all his time on his work where his wife, Patricia, and daughter, Louise, are bored. The husband asks Tommy Bertin to join him in his house to help him in his compositions. Immediately, wife and daughter fall in love with Tommy and he will take them in all kind of experiences far for their home. The husband helped by the servant will find a way to get rid of Tommy.

Pussy Talk

The first chef-d'oeuvre from the master of French hardcore cinema: Frederic Lansac.This is the film that defined the genre.The immodest, scandalous revelations of a female genital organ put the protagonists in outlandish situations in which they must play their roles in the most sordid places.:Irony, obscenity and in-your-face sexual savagery are the ingredients of this absolute must-see that met incredible triumphant success when it debuted in Paris on November 5, 1975 in Alpha-France cinemas.

Kasimir der Kuckuckskleber

Germany has done it again, this time we are bringing you back to a time when pussies were hairy and the love was free spirited. Take a walk in the park as these Germans get it on. In the office they just bend their secretaries over and give them a memo they wont soon forget.

Roy Stuart's Glimpse 3

Whilst every sizeable episode in no's 1 and 2 has, for the alert, its quotient or infusion of tenderness, only a minority of Stuart's viewers/voyeurs may spot it amid the intense provocation of mind as much as groin of the so much that can be found going on in them. The first six minutes of Glimpse 3 give flashing hints of the kind of whirling whole we've already had to thank Roy Stuart for, albeit there happen to be no male-female conjunctions shown. But the accomplished Anna Bielska, who can look any age from 13 to 23, is there dancing, now clothed now naked, in parks and alleys of Rome. Then a sternly entrancing brunette, legs wide-spread on a gilt chair, holds knickers aloft soon she will be near-naked on the carpet, beginning a magical self-caressing journey.

The Young Model

Suzanne Fields perks up the rather ordinary flashback porn movie THE YOUNG MODEL, whose title should be plural. We see her at first as a figure model who doesn’t mix business with pleasure.:Her photographer Billy Lane relates a flashback of humping Patti Lee, followed by a threesome with her and Lynn Holmes. Banter concerns astrological signs, but this plot less wonder never really strays from sex.

The Love That Is Wrong

Amy (Daisy Wong) and Ann (Ellen Chan) are a lesbian couple but their relationship gets disrupted when Amy falls in love with her male office colleague named Wang (Michael Tao). As Amy spends more and more time with Wang Ann feels that she has lost Amy to Wang and develops a hatred towards men…..a hatred that will lead her to kill

Diary of a Schizo

Starring Rene Bond as Sarah Bennett, another dissatisfied California housewife on the verge of succumbing to furor uterimus. The film begins with a fantasy sequence in which Sarah and her neighbor (played again by Susan Fause, this time with dirty feet) double-saddle a mysterious, supine stud. Back in reality - sort of - we are introduced to Sarah and her husband Dexter by a white-coated narrator who suddenly appears in their dining room, his horn-rimmed glasses reeking with clinical authority. 'Schizophrenia is one of the oldest and most perplexing maladies,' he informs us, and although she does not realize it, Sarah is about to submit to the evil urgings of an 'alter ego'...

French Schoolgirls

French School Girls brings to life the sexual fantasies of two gorgeous ladies as they lay in bed together sharing their wildest dreams. From worshipping the massive cock of John Holmes to getting plowed in a frenzied double team, these girls love it nasty and crave it raw the notoriously stunning Tina Russell offers an excellent performance that magnetizes, turns on and satisfies the viewer’s taste for pornographic beauty. Shot on film at a time when film makers could be imprisoned for their art. French School Girls Remains a strong movie with its unique vintage style and timeless artistic instinct

The Last Virgin

Sweet Maria's birthday. From her horny girlfriends she gets a gift of a pack of condoms. But Maria knows nothing to do with it. She is in fact still a virgin. This intolerable situation can not be say her girlfriends. So they'll come out to arrange properly a defloration for Maria, but first they tell us about their first nasty experiences. It's clear that they get quite moist from listening alone. No wonder it gets right to the point...

Lesviakos Avgoustos

At a small and peaceful island, a painter with his wife and daughter (from his first marriage) arrive for vacation. The wife and the daughter seem to have a sexual relationship. However, the daughter wants to break free from this relationship and this leads her to have sex with a fisherman (who happens to be married). He falls in love with her but she tells him that she only wanted him for one night. When the painter learns about the 2 women, he molests his wife and she poisons him to death. The fisherman discovers who the murderer is and blackmails the 2 women. He dissapears. In the meanwhile the 2 women get busted by the police and that’s when the fisherman shows up again and solves the murder mystery.

Chaleurs intimes

One of the first hardcore films of Brigette Lahaie. Still scared, she is made to go beyond her inhibitions; she gives her body and soul in front of the camera. Spectators will not be disappointed, for it is to them that she gives herself. A triumphant success for this film upon its release on May 25, 1977.

Famous T & A

A collection of nude and/or topless scenes from various films featuring actresses who were either famous at the time or who became famous later on.:Beautiful women sometimes do extreme things to become famous—but nothing tops when they agree to get naked in front of a camera! Narrated by the stunning Sybil Danning, this film features clips of some of the sexiest ladies of entertainment and motion picture exposing their skin for all to see

House on Bare Mountain

The Wolfman, Dracula and Frankenstein spy on a girls’ school in the mountains, where most of the girls spend their time sunbathing in the nude, nude exercises and nude art classes. The monsters finally invade the school…

Eyewitness Nudes

This mindless little video boasts a ton of very hot scenes. First, there is a rather lukewarm b-g with Sunny and the rather creepy Wayne Summers. Once the crap is out of the way we can settle down to enjoy a series of excellent scenes: Madison and Taylor do Marc Wallice poolside -great sequence. Tom Byron does the majestic Raven, Marc Wallice screws the very cute Tera. There is some looping in that last scene, fortunately of the good, full body, shots only. Then we get a great 3-way girl-girl with Sandra, Madison and Sunny poolside. Nice scene, as g-g scenes go, lots of smiles and laughs. The sixth scene is another great 3some, this time between Joey, Raven and Sunny. The seventh (!) and last scene is between Marc and Patricia Kennedy, and is rather boring.


Starring the all-time Queen of latina porn Vanessa Del Rio, and many more classic porn superstars.