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Marcelo is a tiresome, powerful and selfish millionaire. He lives in an existentialistic crisis, since he is a successful businessman but afraid of age and death. He can have the woman he wants, but in his intimacy, he desires the unique impossible woman, his daughter. In the present, he has the companion of two whores – Lila and Renata – but he is not satisfied. They three will spend Christmas and New Year Eve in an island where Marcelo has a mansion. In a party, he meets another whore – Diana and invites her to go to the island with them. All of these delicious women are paid for satisfying him. While in the island, his daughter Berenice visits him with her friend Beatriz. Along the holiday period, Marcelo has an incestuous relation with Berenice

Senza vergogna

The Sexual Life of George’s stops and not to breathe. Owner of a large estate in the countryside in Viareggio, man, no longer young but still handsome, alternates repeated occasions marriage with his wife Alessia frantic and furtive meetings, ancillary and rustic. The pair row in full agreement, but has a paralyzed son, whose main purpose is amusement in spying with a telescope from a wheelchair, or even through the keyhole, the asides, which are legitimate or not, the fiery parent. Andrew, the son in question, a teenager who feels the natural promptings of his age, but his efforts, rare and clumsy, and with peasant girls in the housing business, either by Areta, the blonde waitress, who do not face ridicule or rejection. From this anguish and frustration. George died from a fall down stairs at home at night, the tension becomes acute Andrea, for the appearance on the scene of Maximus, the new and handsome owner of the farm bordering on it, who, having quickly got wooing Alessia, manages to win initial resistance of craving widow. The vision of the two, connected in a good grove and framed by the usual telescope, aggravates and upsets the unfortunate boy, his mother took to calling the man of the house. Will be starting her own son to the sex life, that misfortune and the behavior of other women seem to have denied him

Liao zhai: Hua nong yue

Very seldom shown erotic story of a cuckolded husband who departs his home and unwittingly becomes included with not one, but two, alluring ghosts. Mandy and his spouse will be an uncommon few under any conditions. Mandy fools around with young women while his spouse is within the home, nevertheless the wife isn’t bothered a lot. She is just considering in the job she’s offered Mandy, which is …. to frequently check with the neighborhood brothelkeeper, and find away if she’s found guys with incredibly difficult manhoods. How hard ? Complicated enough to punch an opening in a sack of grain. And one more thing. Mandy and his wife are ghosts. Of course, this means you will find people who are seeking to exorcise them. In between residential disputes and pursued exorcisms, there’s acres of nudity and lots of sex.

San Francisco Ball

Three thugs kidnap two innocent young women and demand $50,000 from one of the girl’s sister, while her boyfriend is hot on the trail. Unfortunately, after being abused and cut with razor blades, the girls don’t stand a chance.

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Two women who like control face each other in a battle over jealousy and weaknesses. The US is about to sign a trade treaty with an Asian country; in exchange for friendly relations, the US will loan the Asians money to purchase US goods under contract. Evil siren Ronnie St. Clair tries various ways to find out which US companies will get these contracts, so that she can do some inside trading to make money on the stock market. The CIA hires gun-carrying, man-eating chanteuse and stripper, Ginger MacAllister, to put a stop to Miss St. Clair’s plan. Ginger and her CIA contact, Clay Boyer, an African-American, are attracted to each other. Will they live to ignite this spark?

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Two sexually energized young women who live in a high-rise apartment building happen one day to spy from their window a mother and son making love in the apartment across from theirs. They decide to stage a rescue attempt to free him and in the process one of the young women ends up falling in love with the son despite having a boyfriend and enjoying sex with her female companion. Of course, the mother they are warring against has her own plans when she feels her privacy invaded.

Desert Passion

Two show-business women leave Los Angeles for Las Vegas, but phoney state troopers abduct them in the desert and they are taken to a laboratory / prison. Here, males come to experience sexual fantasies, which it is the job of the two girls and other pulchritudinous captives to flesh out. The captors force an hypnotic drug upon them to aid their performances. Then a country hitchhiker they met earlier at a gas station decides to rescue the girls.

Sex of the Angels

Four people (three women and a man) set off on a boat trip through the fjords of Yugoslavia. Two of the women are lesbian lovers. Influenced by LSD, the female passengers freely engage in nudity.

Miss Nymphet’s Zap-in

A series of short comedy sketches featuring the topic of sex. They include: a French governess who paints her breasts; a couple having sex on the Candid Camera TV show; Little Lord Fauntleroy exploring a female body; a ‘great white hunter’ captured by African women; a female spy trying to decode a secret password; and two exotic dancers experimenting with a new ‘dance’.

El ultimo pecado de la burguesia

El Ultimo Pecado de la Burguesia is a Spanish movie by Enrique Guevara. I really hesitated to categorize this one. It starts as some kind of serious drama about a mature woman who meets another, younger one. They become friends and start going places together, doing things, even going on a holiday and sleeping in the same bed, but it’s all very proper until they meet a young man. At this point, the movie suddenly turns into a softcore epic, with the younger woman seducing first the man then her friend. And then they have a threesome, and then another threesome, and then another, so much that you begin to wonder if they’ll be having threesomes for the whole damn remaining length of the movie. But just when it threatens to become tedious, bang ! the older woman is abused by two thugs, much unhappiness ensues and it all ends in tragedy ! So exploitation it is ! The sex scenes are sometimes rather explicit for softcore, and the abuse scene is as nasty as they come, so I guess it would have been a shame not to pick this up from emule in order to bring it to wipflms.:One of the two women is played by Raquel Evans who, according to imdb, was the director’s sister. How weird can it be to direct you own sister in a sex scene?


Two scientists are chosen as guinea pigs for a time experiment: they are placed in hibernation and should be brought back to life after three years. In the meantime, however, the World War III breaks out and life have been wiped out of the surface of the Earth. When they wake up, it turns out that not only 50 years have passed but also that they are the only living specimens of the male sex in a new, underground society composed exclusively of women. Max used to be woman-chaser so he finds himself in heaven. Albert, on the other hand, forgot all about love and sex as a serious scientist, but is willing to learn. So are the Amazons, who after a kiss turn into pliant kittens. The Council of Women is going to decide their fate, so they are trying to win more time. Eventually they make it to the surface, helped by beautiful Lamia. On the surface it turns out that there is life there and somebody has been living a decent life…

Panty Girls

The Bloomer Girl is Rene Bond! Or maybe she's Cyndee Summers. Who knows? Who cares? Neither one keeps her bloomers on long enough for us to be sure. But Rick Lutze and Rick Cassidy are also on hand, along with another guy and gal, to show us all what to do when the bloomers come off. The ostensible plot has to do with selling women's underthings to potential buyers, but the real plot has to do with sucking and fucking on the floor, in bed, and in the shower with several rousing climaxes provided by the radiant Rene and the scintillant Cyndee who show us, once again, just why they became legendary nookie in the pantheon of porn.: You see, Ric wants to make 'a reeeeally big sale' here, and so everyone goes for the hard sell right out of the gate. Rene is a buyer, Cyndee a seller, but this becomes a distinction without a difference as their pretty pussies show themselves to be the same eager beavers in the sack. And when their lovely mouths deliver a sales pitch to the perky penises of the two Ricks, you'll be sold too. Of course, it was an extremely quick sell for the Deviate who has long been jealous of any undergarment worn by Miss Bond.

The Best Of Heather Lee

The massive anti-gravity hooters of Hispanic slut Heather Lee were one of the favorite cum targets of cocksmen in the '90s. Heather's overstuffed tits look great on her petite frame while she gets stuffed in her constantly wet cunt hole and self lubricating, cum thirsty asshole. Fans of exotic busty women (she has been compared to a XXX Eva Longoria) won't want to miss the two-plus hours of classic scenes from rare out of print films compiled here!

Frustrated Wives

Two sexually frustrated married women decide to spend a weekend at a health farm. A highly charged sexual atmosphere leaves the friends well equipped to re-charge their failing husbands.

Erotic Passion

Since her parents’ death, 19-year old Della lives with her aunt Marsha and Andrew, her old husband. One morning Marsha has sex with Alex, her husband’s doctor. Right afterwords, Della seduces him at the beach while Marsha watches them from her window. The two women have a fight which results to Della leaving the house. She finds refuge at Maria’s (a friend of hers) place but as it appears she is missing and the house is inhabited by Aris and Samantha. Della makes a pass at Aris, managing to infuriate Samantha. In the meanwhile, the local authorities are investigating the murder of Aris’ business partner, Steve Brynner. When all trace leads to Aris, Della suggests a swap: She’ll travel to Italy to get fake passports for the couple as long as they accept to murder Marsha

Charlys Nichten

Two young men want to get into an all-girls photo studio to see the scads of beautiful young nude women inside, so they decide to pose as women themselves.

Any Body… Any Way

Two women attend a party in a barn, where they meet Mr. Bradley, a strange middle-aged man with a British accent. He saves one of them from an attempted abuse in a hayloft, so she introduces him to her friend Terry. After chatting a while, he leaves and drains the gas from their car. Finding their gas tank empty, Ann and Terry walk until they come to Bradley’s isolated house, where he lives with his sister Myla and a servant named Freddy. It turns out that Bradley is actually an insane mortician and that he have certain plans with his guests.

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